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City street scenes

Very dark interior shots followed by a brief scene at the beach at Snekkersten and then street scenes in Elsinore (Helsingcr), Denmark. “Spredte Traeck fra Fam. Schermeisters. Tilvaereise.” [Small Notes from the Schermeister Family. Life.] The street scenes show quick cuts of alleys, people in the street on bicycles, shops, a newspaper headline announcing Von

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Schermeister family in prewar Denmark

Schermeister family in Denmark before WWII, walking in and out of the door to their small wooden vacation home in Snekkersten. A mezuzah is affixed to the doorway. The donor’s great-grandmother, Franzisca Josies Cohen, wearing a large striped scarf. Her daughter Ida, a professional violinist, plays the violin. The other woman in a trenchcoat in

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Schermeister family on vacation in the summer of 1928

The donor’s grandfather, Bernhard Schermeister, his wife, Edith Cohen Schermeister, and two of their three daughters get into a car outside of a home in Denmark. The oldest daughter is Lis, the donor’s mother. Bernhard’s mother, Hana Schermeister, is also in the car. A brief shot of the family outside the house. Bernhard holds a

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Schermeister girls play in the garden, 1928

All three Schermeister girls play on the lawn of their vacation home in Snekkersten. The two older girls, Lis (donor’s mother) and Jeanne, carry parasols and the youngest, Inge (age 3), rides in and pushes a baby carriage. Their mother and father (Edith Cohen Schermeister and Bernhard Schermeister) play with them

Havdalah ceremony

Havdalah ceremony in the garden in Snekkersten (despite the fact that it is still daylight at night in the summer in Denmark). Present are: Edith and Bernhard Schermeister (donor’s grandparents), Edith’s mother, father, and sister, Edith and Bernhard’s three daughters (Lis, the oldest girl, is the donor’s mother), and Bernhard’s mother, Hana Schermeister. Edith lights

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Schermeister girls in the garden, 1929

In the garden in Snekkersten. The three Schermeister girls, Lis (donor’s mother), Jeanne, and Inge, return from a trip with their governess, wearing the same dresses as the Havdalah sequence, and big summer hats. All three girls jump rope with the help of their mother and their governess

Schermeister family vacationing in Snekkersten, 1929

An indoor shot of the donor’s great grandparents, Leopold and Franzisca Cohen. They exit the door to their vacation home in Snekkersten, along with Bernhard (donor’s grandfather) and his sister. The extended family on the lawn. The three girls, Lis (donor’s mother), Jeanne, and Inge, eat ice cream with Bernhard’s mother (Hana Schermeister). Various family

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