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[Laurence Bray–home movies] Reel 5

Viewing Notes Family. House. Cars. Cat. Boat named Bowdoin [Schooner Bowdoin](?). Women and man with goats outside barn. Dalmatian. Chickens. Boston terrier. Fishing. View of water from boat. Shoals. Sparse woods. Hunters stringing up animal. Old car. Hunters again with deer. Family leaving house. Downtown scene with demolished buildings and wrecking ball at work. XLS

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[Laurence Bray–home movies] Reel 6

Viewing Notes: Barbecue. Horse race. Men working on roof. Potato crop. Shots from moving car of trees with autumn color. Man in tractor pulling kids on sled. Elderly people posing with fish. Logs floating down river. Ice fishing. Snowmobiling. Campfire in woods. Logging. Woman shooting gun. Fishing. Volkswagen Beetle. Snowmobiling. Fish. Ice boat.

[Laurence Bray–home movies] Reel 4

Viewing Notes Harbor. Snowy woods and houses. Man pushing power snow shovel. Downtown Boston. Rural yard. Boston Harbor. Rural snow scene. Slow pan of snowy trees and street. Family watching horse. Cat. Toddler. Men building boat outside mobile home. Family with baby goat. Man shoveling dirt and using tiller. Women. Horse pulling cart. Deer strung

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