1932: SP Train out of Los Angeles Olympics

B&W home movie of a trip to Los Angeles, California for the 1932 Olympics. Includes railroad footage of the Sierra Nevada, an Olympic procession, a tour of a Japanese garden, an Olympic track and field event, a crowded Los Angeles beach and a visit to an unknown grove and estate.

1952: Pray, Montana

Color home movie of a family

1931 Indianapolis, Fall – Thanksgiving 1937 – Maplewood 1933

B&W home movie of a spring or summer visit to a farm, followed by footage of an Indiana State fair and more urban residential scenes of a Thanksgiving gathering. Includes footage of airplanes and automobiles.

1945-1947: Susan part 4

Color home movie of a young girls birthday party, followed by scenes of a young girl cycling, children sledding in the snow, underexposed Christmas scenes and another children

1934: Mexico

Faded color home movie of Irene & Ritchey Cring

1947 (circa): Mexican Bull Fights

Color home movie of a Mexican bullfight.

1931: San Francisco Bay – Muir Woods – Western Pacific – Royal Gorge

B&W home movie of a west coast vacation. Includes footage of Muir Woods National Monument, scenes of San Francisco bay shot from boat and plane rides and railroad footage of mountainous west coast landscapes.

1939 Picnic: Irene, Lucille, Marjorie, Christ & Gail, backyard

B&W home movie of a large outdoor picnic.

1941: Mexico – Senator Reed

Color home movie of a trip to Mexico. Includes footage of people wandering around a Mexican estate, followed by market scenes and a gondola trip on a crowded river.

1948: Susan part 5- Andy Hill & Jimmie Birthday, Goodsons, Shadburne Wedding, Rusty

Color home movie of Easter family posing and various suburban residential scenes. Includes footage of children playing with ducks, a young girl mowing the lawn and children cycling. Periodically underexposed.