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Baby Babeta and Lieberman family in prewar Poland; Hanna plays in the river

Thomas stands near a baby carriage with young Babeta laying inside. Shots of baby Babeta. Numerous Lieberman family members pose for the camera with the baby sitting up in the carriage. Includes view of Grandfather Sperber (older man with a beard). The Lieberman family is now at a river, probably near Chryplin, swimming

Hanna plays alone, then with Thomas and Lieberman family adults in the yard of their home, and finally bathing

Hanna plays with a very small wagon. Around her neck is some kind of purse. She puts many things in the wagon, and then walks around pulling it. She runs into another girl. Benedikt holds his daughter. Grandfather Sperber (older man with beard) hugs Thomas. Hanna gives Thomas a kiss, and then they play. The

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Airfield; Lieberman family gardening; Boys gathered on a bench

Airfield (probably in Poland – grass under the planes) This could be in February 1939 when the family hired a plane to go to Palestine. Biplanes are everywhere, lined up as far as the camera can see. Some are have their engines started. These are most likely Henkel HE51s, a plane used between the World

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Family in Olomouc; farming

Hanna is blowing up balloons and playing with them at the garden in Olmuetz, with a few family onlookers. They move into the garden. These women are dressed nicely. They all walk in the hills (farmland?);02:12:34 Probably Stanislawow – numerous men digging in the ground, Benno is in a white shirt. A wheelbarrow is brought

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Lieberman family at their house in Nahariya, Palestine

Pans of the horizon (in Stanislawow, Poland or Ein Sara, Palestine). A gate and fence are seen, beyond that is a large house, barns, car, and forest. CU, man. Shots of the fields, the car with steering wheel on the right hand side, profile of Emanuel (with glasses), a person on a bicycle, and people

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Lieberman family babies in prewar Poland

Two babies, Thomas and Hanna, in a playpen. Nurse. Hanna’s parents, Ella and Benedikt, play with her as she tries to drink out of a mug. They pose for the camera. New people surround Hanna, including Ella. A woman named Helena dressed as a nurse helps out, assists Hanna to walk. Multiple shots of the

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Lieberman family celebrates Benedikt’s 35th birthday on the terrace, prewar Poland

Grandfathers Gidon Brecher, Filip Lieberman, and Natan Sperber help Thomas take a few steps. Gidon holds baby Hanna in his arms;the three men assist Hanna as she attempts to walk. Benedikt celebrates his 35th birthday with a bottle of wine, everyone in the family lines up to shake his hand. Some hugs are in order.

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Family takes a walk and children play in prewar Poland

It is winter, a group of older family members (including Benedikt’s sister Nelly, who is Thomas’s mother) are waiting outside the house in Jaremcze. The children are both walking. They all walk out of the house and down a pathway. Hanna is on the back porch with a croquet mallet, talking to Nelly in the

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Children eat and play on the terrace with their parents, prewar Poland

The two children eat at a small table out of bowls. Nurse, and Thomas’s mother Nelly sit and watches them eat, often correcting what could be considered early table manners. Hanna runs around with a wooden cane. The children play with fake cigarettes. They then are given buckets and watering cans by Hanna’s mother Ella.

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