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Berlin street scenes (1936 Olympics)

Various shots of Berlin street scenes during the 1936 Olympics. Olympic rings, banners. CU, statue. Flags. Sign: “Der Gruessen, Die Gaeste, Der Welt.” Olympic rings. Flags. Torch, flame. Flags. Motorcade. Double-decker bus. Decorations erected in Berlin for Olympic ceremonies. Underground subway station. Flags. Putting flags up. Band playing. Crowd. Bicycles. Torch. MCU, street scene. Flags.

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Olympic event (crew) at Lake Gruenau

Sign, “Olympia Gruenau.” Olympic rings, flags, stadium, civilians. Lake Gruenau (20 km from Berlin) surrounded by spectator stands. Sign, “ZIEL” Crowd awaiting Olympic sporting event, some people with binoculars. Crew boats on lake. CU, sign, “Reihenfolge bei 1000 mtr. ZIEL” Crew race. Spectators reading newspaper. More crew. Larger boat with men and Nazi flag. Man

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