Touring Germany

Scenes of the German countryside filmed from a train. 01:00:52 Busy square in the city of Dresden with a church, market and crowds, including the Katholische Hofkirche with an ornate facade and figurative statues and a nearby tower. Along the Elbe River, a boat named “Leipzig” is docked. 01:02:02 Street scenes and a large building.

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Sightseeing in Germany

EXT and INT of a church. In Dresden, the Zwinger Palace and Equestrian Statue of King John. River. Large garden and estate. City square with some traffic and pedestrians. German family walks through a park. 01:10:03 Bustling street with traffic in Berlin. Brandenburg gate. Barracks of a building under construction. 01:10:44 Pan of a building

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Touring Germany

In the mountains (Alps?). A man and a woman talk before a tree and look at the camera. Several young men smoke and pose for the camera at the foot of a ski slope. Guesthouse. Visiting the traditional frescoed facades of the Bavarian village Oberammergau and the Ettal Monastery. Pan across the mountain landscape and

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Departing US

Aerial views of an American city from a rooftop with skyscrapers and a river partially clouded by smoke rising from rooftops. Young men pose for the camera aboard the ship “New York.” Another large ocean cruiser can be seen from behind the deck rail

Annual harvest festival at Bueckeberg

Parade in Munich

Parade. Nazi banners hang from the buildings as people in costumes parade through the streets of Munich? (for Carnival?). Float poster reads “Negerdorf Neubiberg.” Religious procession follows, and people heil Hitler. Panning shots of a rainy day in Munich. The city’s triumphal arch and other buildings are visible

Munich sights

German countryside, motorcycle passes on highway. 01:09:05 Busy street scenes in Munich – Marienplatz square, Old Town Clock Tower, Isartor City Gate, and Isar River. Nazi banners are visible on some of the buildings

Visiting Switzerland

People smile and wave for the camera aboard a boat. People smoke and talk aboard a train platform and wave from the train cars. Tour group in Arth-Goldau, Switzerland. Scenic views of the town and a river. Back on the boat, people pose for the camera