Duisburg Nazi Party members go to Nuremberg for Reichs Party Day

Title: “Mit der Ortsgruppe Duisburg-Scd zum Reichsparteitag Ncrnberg 1935”. Second title reads: “Schmalfilmaufnahmen von Hans Vosskamp” Nazi Party members from Duisburg-South go to Nuremberg for the 1935 Reichs Party Day. The men, dressed in uniform, gather on the platform in a train station (Duisburg?), in good spirits, conversing, purchasing refreshments from a vendor, smoking. 01:01:46

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Vosskamp family takes a summer holiday near Offenburg

The Vosskamp family plays outside on a summer holiday. A man pushes a woman and child on a tree swing;others swim. Children dig in a sandbox. Three of the family members (Johannes’s brother in Lederhoesen?) go hiking in the hills. They come across an old lady with whom they stop and chat. Waterfalls. The children

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Cowboys and Indians home movie

Indiscernible buildings. Title: “Eine Indianer Geschichte, mit Alfred Voshkamp u Herbert Birkenbeul” [An Indian Story, with Alfred Vosskamp and Herbert Birkenbeul]. Several boys make a home Cowboys-and-Indians movie. Three boys, one wearing an Indian head-dress, lie on the grass, pretending to hide. A boy dressed as a frontiersman comes along. The three Indians run up,

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Vosskamp family vacations in Schieder, Germany

Title card: “Ferienaufenthalt 1936 in Schieder/Lippe Rosenhof” [Holidays in Schieder/Lippe, 1936 Rosenhof]. A group of children and their mothers lounge about outside in lawn chairs. Several children play on a seesaw simultaneously. The children play at the pond with an older teenager. Alfred Vosskamp (the boy) walks out over the pond on a narrow plank.

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Vosskamp and friends visit Hamburg by boat

Sunday School trip to Mintard, Germany

Sonntagschule Duisburg-Meiderich Quadtstr.” Led by Fritz Fackert and Oskar Brauner. “Sommerausflug 1936 nach Mintard” [A Summer Outing to Mintard, 1936] The youngsters (along with their parents) march along to the festival area. Children and their parents relaxing and frolicking about in a grassy area: playing soccer, drinking chocolate milk, and being sociable

Sunday School outing in 1935

Title: “Sonntags-Schulausflug 1935” Families gathered outdoors for a Sunday School outing. More soccer and other forms of frolicking

Sunday school trip

Title card: “Sonntagschul-Ausflug 1937 / Sonntagschule Dbg. Meiderich Quadtstrasse”. Handwritten slate indicating that the film was taken by Fritz Jasper. A group from a “Sunday-school” on Quadtstrasse in Duisburg Meiderich meets at the train station and goes to Bottrop, 25 km NE of Duisburg, for a day of fun. Boys on the train station platform

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Vosskamp family

Title: “Familienfilm der Familie Johann Vosskamp in Duisburg-Meiderich”. Second title frame includes text and a caricature of a man with a film camera, “Aufnahmen: Hans Vosskamp”. Graphic of the Vosskamp family tree in 1936. The family included 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys, as well as 24 grandchildren. Closeups of the elders introduced in

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World War I soldiers celebrate Regiments’ Day in Dusseldorf

Title: “Der 8. Regimentstag des Bundes ehem. 172er am 28-30 Juli 1934 in Dcsseldorf”. Second title frame reads: “Film Aufnahmen von Hans Vosskamp Fritz Jasper”. Animated cards and titles throughout. Two men holding a sign before a newspaper kiosk on a city street. Former soldiers of the 172nd Regiment from World War I gather in

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