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[Harvard Forest Films] Reel 6

Intertitle: “The Forest of tomorrow” Footage of workers in the forest, including digging and loading a truck. Intertitle: “Three generations of Harvard Forest workers” A shot of three men. Intertitle: “The axmen opens new vistas” A shot of a forest. Intertitle: “For systematic thinning the trees are marked” Footage of workers marking, cutting down and

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[Harvard Forest Films] Reel 9

Intertitle: “Petersham Views Southern End of the Barre Woods” A shot of a man pointing at a sign that reads “Harvard Forest Boundary” . A few shots of a road through the woods. Intertitle: “Connor’s Pond and Dam in the Barre Woods.” A few shots of Connor’s Pond, including a small waterfall. Intertitle: “East Branch

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