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Country pavilions at International Exposition in Paris, 1937

Daytime, line to get into the expo grounds, guards stamping passes. View of country pavilions: Denmark. Austria. Canada. 01:17:30 German pavilion – the largest at the Exposition. CUs, eagle sculpture at top of building, swastika. Belgium. Radio. Italy. Sweden. USA. Czechoslovakia. Food stalls. MSs aquarium, turtle

Paris under German occupation

Aerial view of German military parading on a street. Camera pans along the street. Shots of a brunette woman (featured in Tape 2720) being playful with the German in dark-rimmed glasses. Two blondes, not seen before. Rooftops of Paris and the Eiffel Tower in the distance, scenes of Germans at Versailles. Camera focuses on two

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Scenes of Paris before German occupation

Title: “PARIS. Une realization de la Cinematheque Kodascope” Titles identifying sites of interest: Place de la Republique, La Porte Saint Martin, L’avenue de l’Opera, La colonne Vendome, etc., followed by shots of the named spot, street scenes, traffic. 01:09:29 La Basilique du Sacre Coeur (prominent in Tape 2720). Le Pont Neuf, water, bridge

Sightseeing in Paris; women modeling new dresses

Another day, showing monument/great building, two women with another German officer. Focus on one (not the same woman as shown previously), who is smiling and laughing. She tips her hat to the camera. 01:05:18 in a park. Two women from the previous scene are laughing and swinging on a swing set, standing up. An older

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Sightseeing in Paris; German officers

More tourist-y views of Paris streets, including Eiffel Tower and the obelisk in the Place de la Concorde. The camera sometimes focuses on individuals, such as the woman seen before, the elderly man, and the German officer leading the map meeting with the glasses (in Story 4414). 01:09:55 SEQ: German with dark-rimmed glasses with three

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