Four American Jews tour Europe

The four friends pose in a doorway numbered 4 (possibly Hotel Adlon in Berlin). At a pier, views of the mountains across a lake

Jewish quarter of Nasielsk

In the Jewish quarter, a tracking LS follows a boy with a cocked hat who makes an effort to stay on camera. Dark silhouetted interior (of a restaurant?), faces cannot be deciphered. Bright exterior CU of group of children in the street. Excited to be on camera, they wave and move together as the camera

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Jewish quarter in Poland

Street scenes, dark, people gathered, automobile. Interior shots of home in a Jewish quarter in Nasielsk, Poland, many people looking inside the window in clear view. Several wonderful street scenes of people, especially children, in the Jewish quarter grinning and vying for the camera’s attention. A sign above a shop indicates a grocery, “Spozywczy”.;Only approximately

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Ship to Europe

Title card reading: “Our Trip To Holland, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, France and England 1938”. Liza Kurtz, Louis and Lily Malina, and Essie Diamond on cruise ship at sea. Napping and relaxing on deck. HAS, crowds of people on board the ship, some waving

Street scenes in the Netherlands

LS of the four American Jews posing beside a tree in front of a house. Louis is smoking and waving to the camera. Several shots of street life. Pan views of a pier docked with boats. People and children, some in traditional dress with paper hats, often look toward the camera and pose

Kurtz family and friends on European tour

MS of Liza Kurtz, Louis and Lily Malina and Essie Diamond smiling for the camera and admiring the landscape. Panning shot of city and distant mountains. Over shoulder shot of Louis pointing toward distant attractions. LS of Liza, Louis, Lily, and Essie feeding birds in a city, then boarding a train. MS elderly woman making

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Kurtz family and friends approach New York City

Interiors of ship at sea, the four walking down a brightly lit corridor with clock reading 7:03, David Kurtz in a gray suit and short, red, wide-bottomed tie. Window reflection with three women smiling. Extreme LS of distant Statue of Liberty viewed from the S.S. Queen Mary. Pan across New York City skyline. Various posed

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Visiting Switzerland

On a boat in Switzerland, views of villages. One building with “Gotthard” sign. Seaside views of mountains

Street scenes in Amsterdam

Girls dressed in Dutch costume. The four American Jews sit outside a cafe, probably in Amsterdam. Street scenes and shots of Liza, Louis, Lily, and Essie vacationing. CUs, women with children (possibly Roma?). Walking in gardens. More scenes touring the city, including important buildings, churches, and a flower market in a square