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[Nashua, NH Films] Reel 3

Several shots of the exterior of Crotched Mountain Center. Footage of the interior including the auditorium and the sleeping chambers for both older children and infants. A few shots of a painting depicting scenes from children’s stories. Shots of three disabled boys in wheelchairs. Footage of the staff assisting some of the children brushing their

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[Nashua, NH Films] Reel 4

A shot of some wreckage. Footage of fireman spraying water on a burning building in winter interspersed with shots of an icicle covered fire engine with its ladder extended. Intertitle: “May” Extensive footage of the fire that struck Nashua, NH, in May of 1930 and the damage it caused including shots of a burning bridge

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[Nashua, NH Films] Reel 1

A crowd is seated in bleachers under a ‘Gregg for Governor’ banner behind a man approaching a microphone. A photographer stands on top of a car. Another shot of the crowd. A marching band marches down a street. Footage of streets at night with neon signs visible. A ‘Gregg for Governor’ van drives by. Scenes

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