51st Field Hospital at camp, visiting ruins, and advancing into Belgium or Germany

Two women sunbathe, while other personnel of the 51st Field Hospital relax at camp, either in Belgium or Germany in early fall 1944 [The 51st Field Hospital entered Belgium on September 9 and Roetgen, Germany on September 16]. Beatrice digs a foxhole. A soldier plays a violin and sings by a foxhole. 01:15:21 51st Field

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American nurses sightseeing in England

Beatrice and some military personnel stand in Trafalgar Square in London. The 51st Field Hospital arrived in England in March 1944. Nelson’s Column, the bronze lions, and crowds feeding pigeons are visible. A sign says, “Let our savings speak for us. Carry on London. Salute the soldier.” on the base of the column. 01:03:47 Buckingham

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51st Field Hospital personnel at a training camp

Daily life of the 51st Field Hospital personnel at a training camp, possibly in the US or in England. Captain Beatrice Wachter (the donor’s grandmother) enlisted in June 1943 and departed from Europe on February 26, 1944. A group of men in military uniform and women uniformed as nurses laugh and joke around for the

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Nurses at field hospital

The 51st Field Hospital at a campsite (in France?). Beatrice takes of her helmet and glasses and poses for the camera near other corps members and a cluster of tents. Pan of tentsite, corps members, and an ambulance. 01:08:13 Man in glasses exits a tent and smiles for the camera. Laundry hanging to dry outside.

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51st Field Hospital at Normandy and other sites

The 51st Field Hospital campsite in a dusty landscape, probably in France. They laugh and tease one another as they walk along the road. A plane flies low to the ground. LS, pan of tent camp grounds with some military men, vehicles, and wooden stakes (gravesites?).;01:09:17 Large ships docking close to the Normandy shore on

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Destroyed homes and buildings filmed from a moving vehicle, probably in France in summer 1944. Small children stand by the road, while adults rummage through the rubble for their possessions. More pans of the devastation and ruins of buildings

American nurses sightseeing in Paris

Sights in Paris in late August 1944 following the liberation of the city from German control. The 51st Field Hospital visits the Arc de Triomphe, the Seine, and the Eiffel Tower. 01:13:16 Beatrice and a man pose for the camera outside Notre Dame. French civilians near a Red Cross truck. The July Column with pedestrians

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American nurses attend to wounded German POWs

Campsite with Red Cross vehicles. The 51st Field Hospital attends to a massive number of wounded soldiers in early September 1944, most likely in St. Erme in Northern France, where the 51st Field Hospital had too many German POWs to treat under tents

American nurses in Belgium

Complex of brick buildings with the 51st Field Hospital, probably shot in December 1944 or January 1945 (perhaps in Huy, Belgium or Lierneaux, Belgium). 01:18:44 Beatrice poses with her camera by a guard station decorated with the Belgian flag motif. Medical trucks are parked outside and covered with snow. Men carry the sick and wounded

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51st Field Hospital at snowy campsite

A snowy campsite near the mountains in winter (Belgium or Germany?). Men chop and dig at the frozen soil, while others play in the snow. Beatrice and a friend laugh