Le Havre harbor and on board Normandie ship to the U.S.

Title: “Havre. Homeward Bound on the ‘Normandie’.” Le Havre harbor. HAS, construction of boat, docks. View of the rival ship ‘Queen Mary’ anchored, seen from the deck of ‘Normandie.’ On deck, people on red chaise lounge chairs, man in swimming pool behind. Good view of the Statue of Liberty

Sightseeing in France: Paris & Versailles

Title: “Streets of Paris. Cafes on the Champs-Elysees. Arc de Triomphe. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Place de la Concorde.” Sightseeing in Paris, including street scenes, cafe with red tables and chairs, Arc de Triomphe, Eternal Flame for Unknown Soldier (WWI) with wreath and flowers, French police, Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, statues, cars

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Warsaw street scenes; Pilsudski Square

Warsaw street scene at Pilsudski Square. Men unfurl Polish flags around statue

Military parade honoring Pilsudski

Title: “Warsaw, Poland. Military Parade in Memory of Pilsudski.” MSs, CUs, parade in streets of Warsaw with Polish soldiers on horses, cannons, and soldiers on bicycles

Warsaw Jewish quarter, prewar

Title: “The Jewish Ghetto.” Exquisite color footage of Jews in the Jewish quarter of Warsaw, EXTs, sunny day. Steady pan of Jews mingling in the streets, milling about, shops line the streets in the BG, signs in Polish. Two men dressed in shambles sleeping on the curb. MS, group of old and young Jews, boys

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Gasul children at home near Chicago

Title: “And here is ‘Home Sweet Home’ and the Children.” Short sequence of the three Gasul children. CU, baby with bonnet (Judy, the donor) in carriage. Sister (Sandra) in red velvet dress plays with Judy. MS, three girls sitting on the bench. Oldest sister (Gloria) in same red velvet dress holds Judy on her lap

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