The Hess Family in Germany and on vacation

IM INNERSTEN WESTFALEN. Boy in suit, VAR shots. Dog, couple playing with dog in winter. Aerial shots. FREUNDE UND BEKANNT. Young couple. CU, man writing at desk. MERAN BEISCHLECHTEM WETTEN… Trees waving in the wind…. UND BEI GUTEN. Aerial shots, landscape, women smelling blossoms on a tree, CUs blossoms. AM MONT BLAN. Snow capped mountains,

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Family life in Pirna, Germany

DIE PIRNSCHEN – AUGUST 1936. This film shows Alfred “Fred” Hess at home with his wife Trude and two daughters Ursula and Luise. WITH FORK AND KNIFE. CUs, Luise eating. AFTER DINNER, LITTLE TEARS AND LITTLE TUNES. The children play with their father in the living room. Albert Guenther Hess (AGH) is teaching the girls

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Playfully fighting over cigarettes

Where are the Cigarettes?;Home movie of Albert Guenther Hess (AGH) and his wife Ilse clowning around and fighting over the “last” cigarette. Titles throughout reading: WHERE ARE THE CIGARETTES?, AFTER TWENTY MINUTES, A BIG ROW, K.O. (KNOCKOUT), THE GENEROUS WINNER

Prewar family life in Saxony

THE LIFE OF THE HESSENS AND THE ROSENSTERNS – NATUREFILM. THE HESSENS AND ROSENSTERNS BELONG TO THE CULTURED MAMMALIAN SPECIES LIVE IN INNER SAXONY. Map of Inner Saxony. EXT, apartment building, someone waving on the balcony. INT of home, table with flowers. EARLY IN THE MORNING, WOMEN SEARCH FOR FOOD. Albert Guenter Hess’s (AGH) sister-in-law

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Track and field events; prewar Jewish life in Germany

Picture Show Nr. 4″;SCHILD – SPORTFEST SUMMER 1936. A track and field sporting event in Pirna with Albert Guenther Hess’s brother Alfred as the judge. HIS HONOR, THE JUDGE [Fred]. FALSE START. SHORT PROMENADES. AGH and his wife Ilse go on a walk through town. AGH films scenes around him: shots of a large building,

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Wedding in Brussels

Albert Guenther Hess and Ilse Sobel getting married at the courthouse in Brussels. Film shows the couple entering and leaving the courthouse (probably the municipal building in Uccle) and a wedding party hosted by friends