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East Prussia; Tannenberg Memorial; summer resort

“Kurhaus Nikolaiken” sign along the water in East Prussia. Film is heavily scratched. Traveling in a boat, woman standing on bridge. 01:10:06 The Tannenberg Memorial in Hohenstein where Hindenburg was buried in 1934. Various shots of the complex with two large statues of soldiers, wreaths. Tourists wander around. Brief shot of HJ boys exiting doorway

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Views from INT airship. Aerial shots of rivers, countryside, lakes. 01:03:49 Group of boys looking out observation tower windows. More aerial views. Night scenes, lights. Car driving on highway (NJ 40 N). People gathered to greet airship landing in Lakehurst, NJ at Naval Air Center. Many wearing white caps, together holding a large metal pole.

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Various touristic views of Nazi Germany

COLOR. Outdoor cafc with red awnings. Airplane at airfield, hangar, swastika on tail. Shots of a small town built into the mountains. Sign for a guesthouse, “Gasthaus Braeuerei…Phillipp Sturdorf”. Pan up to a castle overlooking the town, probably Lahneck Castle. Large Nazi flag hanging from “Hotel Turm”. Another view of the castle. Narrow streets, corridors.

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