The Center for Home Movies is currently looking to expand the number of participants in the Registry.

While all of the records up at the Registry now include embedded videos, this is not required. The plan of the Registry is to include any existing information about a home movie. If a collection has been cataloged but the films have not been digitized, those catalog records would be a welcome addition to the Registry. They would still add to the growing dataset of the Registry and allow scholars and genealogists to find out about films and then contact the hosting institution for more information. Additionally, if amateur films and videos have been digitized and only include a minimum of catalog information, these can be placed on the Registry with the hope that others – the CHM, archivists with related collections, the general public – might add descriptive metadata.

The Registry is envisioned as a collaboration reflecting the collections and missions of participating archives. Thus, there is no one-way to have home movies and/or metadata uploaded to the Registry. If a collecting institution already has amateur films digitized and streaming online, the Center for Home Movies can scrape the relevant information from the original site into the Registry. Or, a participating organization can send metadata to the CHM in the form of a spreadsheet to be entered into the Registry. Or, an institution with home movies can be given access to the Registry to enter cataloging information directly into the Omeka-designed database. Further, the Center for Home Movies might be able to help underfunded institutions to digitize and describe small collections of amateur films and home movies for inclusion into the Registry.

Additionally, there are no requirements on how the specific pages on the Registry need to look. The CHM can work with a collecting institution to shape the look of its records on the Registry to help direct users to the archive that hosts an individual home movie. Omeka is designed to allow for the easy creation of online exhibits that can focus on sub-collections within an archive, historical events that the films of an archive document, or specific amateur filmmakers important to the identity of an institution’s collection.

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