By Hoffman Collection, Wende Museum

Home movie of East German Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Family sits at table with a Weihnachtspyramide (Christmas pyramid, a traditional candlelit decoration) and Christmas tree in background; gifts displayed on side table include miniature books. Family decorates for New Year’s Eve, drapes streamers across table and television set. View of wall clock above bookcase. Grandmother sits next to tile stove, wearing funny party hat. Guests enter and greet family; all wear various funny hats. Daughter drinks from punch glass. Mother sticks out tongue at camera; camera tilts along with her head tilting. Father, wearing a fez, drinks from wine or champagne glass. Grandmother plays with hat and mugs for camera; family members trade hats. Boys put on googles, play with indoor fireworks. Clock shows five minutes to midnight. [cut to new scene, presumably two years later] Daytime; family sits around table with Christmas tree in background; mother holds coffee pot. [cut to new scene; presumably New Year’s Eve] Table is decorated with streamers; mother walks over to light switch. View of wall clock above bookcase. Guests enter and are greeted by daughter. Mother and daughter try on hats while mother smokes cigarette or cigarillo and mugs for camera.