[Vermont Forest Service Films] Reel 13

A ski racer comes down a slope. A woman wraps up in a blanket as she starts up slope in ski lift. Views from lift over snowy mountains looking down into valley. Good shots of maple sugaring. Man drives horse team with sled over snowy forested area. The sled has large galvanized tank on it. Views of pouring fresh sap from tree bucket into another. Man carries bucket through thigh-high snow and pours its contents into the large galvanized tank. Scenic shot of the horse team arriving at the sugar house. Views of mountains. View of sandy beach in summer with large building in background. Pan to edge of water. More pans of scenic mountain ranges. Scenic view of two men in rowboat fishing in small lake in fall. They cast their lines, one nets a fish. People pick apples from tree full of fruit. Closeup of apples. Man rows a small inflatable boat to shore. He wears hunter’s clothing. He takes several dead game birds and his rifle out of the boat. Men in grass duck blind shoot at flying game. Several men retrieve game birds. Hunter shoots a bird and dog retrieves it in field.