[Raymond Cotton—home movies] Reel 3

Intertitle: “The Family Album”. Boy brings trash out of store and fills wire basket with trash and lights it on snowy day. A child and dog play around the store entrance. A bird takes advantage of a wooden box hanging outside the building. Man chops wood near a very large woodpile in winter. Various children pose outside near a house and car in winter. Two women laugh for camera. A child holds up a sign “Feb. 1938”. Various cats and dogs. Several family members goof off for camera in front of house. Five children and a dog ski down a snowy slope between two houses. The Hiram Fire Chief’s (HFC) basketball team practices outside in the snow in their uniforms. Pans of the village landscape with snow. Various family members pose for the camera. One holds a birthday cake, boys play with boats and sticks in rushing stream. Two boys share a secret, one tries a set of stilts. Men cross a lake in an outboard boat. Shots of two children in a sleigh drawn by a pony across snow in village. Views of many of the same people in summer. View of Great Falls on the Saco River. Commonly referred to as the Hiram Falls, this shows the lower half with the power station, which is in the town of Baldwin. The falls provided power to turn waterwheels and later turbines soon after the first settlers arrived in the area. The river enabled lumbermen to harvest the white pines and float them down the river to the mills. The power station and dam were built by the Cumberland Power and Light Company around 1918.