[Raymond Cotton—home movies] Reel 1

Intertitle: “Raymond O. Cotton presents TIME MARCHES ON. August 1937. Hiram Buys a Fire Engine. HIRAM FIRE DEPARTMENT IN ACTION.” The fire department in Hiram was started in 1937, and the creator of the film was a member of the fire department. Man goes to a fire call box on a pole, and turns the crank. Shots of the fire truck leaving a garage with volunteers riding on its sides, laying hose, putting hose in stream, and practicing with hose. Views of various firemen, and firemen coil hose on the truck. View of fire in field at night. Daytime fire in field is managed by water from tanks on firefighters backs.;Intertitle: “MARCH 1938. Bobcat killed by Earl Johnson”. Man stands outdoors on snowy day holding the dead bobcat. The man and his hunting dog stand over the dead bobcat in front of a house.;Intertitle: “MEMORIAL DAY 1938.” Military band marches down street in village followed by military color guard and various group, including nurses. American Legion gives military gun salute at cemetery.;Intertitle: “FIELD TRIALS […] On Scenic Tear[Cap?] HIRAM SUNDAY JULY 24 9 O’clock D.S.T. Sponsored by HIRAM FIRE DEPARTMENT Refreshments. On the farms of CHARLES MARTIN AND HERBERT HARTFORD”. (Part of sign is cut off by camera). Long view of rural farmland and farm buildings with mountains in background. [Tear Cap is a summit near Hiram, ME];Intertitle: “THE TREE COON”. Raccoon in cage.;Intertitle:” THE TRAIL COON GETS READY”. A raccoon on a long leash in a field then crawls into a cloth bag held by a man.;Intertitle: “The crowd gathers for the auction”. Crowd stands around outside, and a woman and boy man a sign up table in a tent. Views of outdoor auction with auctioneer taking bids. Men and boys with dogs on leashes move quickly through a field.;Intertitle: “GO!” dogs are let off leads and run after released raccoon. Several dogs tree the raccoon. View of the coon in the tree.;Intertitle: “Finish of the final tree race for $75.” Dogs run across field, stop and bark at tree trunk.;Intertitle:”The Winner Archie Turner’s RED PEPPER of Auburn Maine”. Mr. Turner holds his barking hunting dog.;Intertitle: “July 25, 1938. Carnival Comes to Town”. Boys jump from concrete road bridge into river water below. Merry-Go-Round provides ride to children at the carnival. HAS of carnival ground from top of Ferris wheel and POV as it goes around.;Intertitle: “August 1938. Smut St. and Mattox R.R. Crossings are Eliminated”. Steam shovel works to move earth. Man at controls and large mats of earth being pulled up. Men use jackhammers to break up ledge and stone. Earth grader smooths out the dirt.;Intertitle: “SEPTEMBER 21, 1938. HURRICANE STRIKES NEW ENGLAND”. Views of fallen trees, damaged roofs, collapsed barn, building damage in rural village (Hiram?).;Intertitle: “OCTOBER 1938 DRAGON CAPTURED BY JIM SARGENT SINGLE HANDED”. A black and yellow spotted lizard is dangled before the camera. Appears to be about 12 inches long.