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One of two films sponsored by the Faneuil Hall Markets Century Celebration in 1926. This industrial film details the history of the markets, and showcases industries surrounding the market, from farms to fisheries, as well as the communities served by the markets. This film was most likely made to be shown to the members of the Faneuil Hall Markets Association.;Intertitle: “The Story of Faneuil Hall and Faneuil Hall Markets Centennial Celebration. Produced by National Motion Picture Bureau, Philip Davis, Prop.;Intertitle: “Safety Film. Massachusetts Dept. of Public Safety. Inspected, Tagged and Approved. For use only with incandescent lamp of not more than 600 watts.;Interititle: “Foreword. A hundred years ago, Josiah Quincy prophesized that Faneuil Hall Market would become ‘ A proud memorial of the public spirit and unanimity of the city council and the liberality of their fellow-citizens, an ornament to the city, a convenience to all.;Intertitle: “A distinguished orator said of Peter Faneuil ‘He should be raised to life again!'” Views of a man re-enacting Faneuil.;Intertitle: “Amazed at the contrast between the first Town Hall, his gift to the Town of Boston.” Film of the present mayor shaking hands with Faneuil impersonator.;Intertitle: “Peter Faneuil, greetings. We heartily welcome you as our benefactor.” More shots of men shaking hands.;Intertitle: “Faneuil Hall Markets Association, a brotherhood of self-made men, welcoming Peter Faneuil.” Film of Faneuil shaking hands as a large group of men watches.;Intertitle: “I am here to learn how the markets have fared in my absence.” Footage of shaking hands.;Intertitle: “Honored Sir, we have anticipated your just desire. We have visualized for you in picture form, the Service rendered by these Markets not only to the City but the Commonwealth and New England.” More shots of shaking hands, and views of crowd watching, applauding.;Intertitle: “From all parts of the world–by ship, train and truck–the best of everything comes to Faneuil Hall Markets for distribution to Boston and New England.” Film of a ship in harbor, a train backing in on tracks by Beck’s Dining Room building, and truck being loaded with produce.;Intertitle:”Faneuil Hall Markets. About one hundred firms, specializing in meats, poultry, vegetables, fruits, etc., housed in Faneuil Hall Markets.” Good pan of street along Quincy Market with Faneuil Hall in background.;Intertitle: “Meat, our principal item, is now a vast industry. ” Film of a cattle herd in a hilly area.;Intertitle: “Several hundred million pounds of beef are sold annually.” Film of hanging sides of beef.;Intertitle: “The Refrigeration Plant–the largest in the world–enables us to conserve your food.” Film views of huge refrigeration equipment, pipes covered with ice. Room full of hanging beef carcasses.;Intertitle: “Introducing ‘Pied Piper of Pigland’.” Film in a rocky field as a herd of pigs and piglets follows a man blowing a horn and another with a wheelbarrow of grain. cut to Faneuil Hall crowd, with Faneuil impersonator watching, applauding.;Intertitle: “Our fruits and vegetables worthily represent some of our industries and our agriculture.” Film of a large farm field, house and barn in background, irrigation working. Cut to farm workers in field harvesting, then crates of lettuce or cabbage stacked on street. A buyer looks over a newly opened barrel of potatoes in the market.;Intertitle: “Poultry raising has ceased to be a back-yard affair. It is an industry by itself. Weber’s Famous Duck Farm, Wrentham, Mass., finest in New England.” Film of hundreds of ducks in outside pen, then flock herded toward lake where they swim. Views of flock moving away from lake through woods.;Intertitle: “Lord Farms, Methuen, Mass.- largest breeders of white Leghorns in New England.” Film shots around buildings on the farm.;Intertitle: “Ten days old.” Film of chickens skittering around a shelter.;Intertitle: “Sixty days old.” Chickens in large open outdoor pens with roosting house in each.;Intertitle: “Over fifty million dozen of eggs are shipped from these markets every year.” Film of the crowd at Faneuil Hall with Peter Faneuil applauding.;Intertitle: “From the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire come our finest grades of dairy products. Butter in the making–the old way.” Still image of a woman in colonial dress standing with old butter churn.;Intertitle: “–the new way–untouched by hand.” Still image of a butter churn tank in a mechanical dairy.;Intertitle: “Making cheese. A modern cheese factory.” Still images of horses and wagons outside a wood building where large containers of milk are unloaded.;Intertitle: “Here the mil from all nearby farms, is poured into vats.” Still image of cheese-making rooms where milk is an large rectangular vats.;Intertitle: “The milk is allowed to ‘curd.'” Still of the curds after whey has drained off.;Intertitle: “The cheese is ready to ‘press.'” Still image of cheese in cheese boxes, unpressed.;Intertitle: “Cured and ready for market.” Still image of large wheels of cheese stacked on open shelves.;Intertitle: “Over a hundred million pounds of butter and cheese are shipped from these markets to the homes and institutions of New England. From the famous Grand Banks come our finest fish offerings.” Film of men unloading a fishing dory which is alongside a larger ship. The men throw fish over the side of larger vessel. Cut to applause of those at Faneuil Hall.;Intertitle: “We cater not only to the housewives of New England but we serve schools, hospitals, hotels, the finest in the world. Modern marketing has made these vast industries possible.;Intertitle: “Harvard College.” Film pans of leafy campus quadrangle.;Intertitle: “Wellesley College.” Views of Tower Court and pans along building.;Intertitle: “Boston College.” View of Gasson Hall tower.;Intertitle: “Simmons College.” View of the Main College Building on the Fenway.;Intertitle: “Homeopathic Hospital.” HAS of nurses walking on campus below.;Intertitle: “Copley Plaza Hotel.” Pan façade with traffic in front of the building. Cut back to crowd at Faneuil Hall watching in rapt attention.;Intertitle: “My generation never dreamed of anything like this. I am amazed at your progress. May the coming generations equal your Success.” View of Faneuil speaking to the crowd, then “disappearing”. Animation of the spire of Faneuil Hall, 1826-1926, and large grasshopper flies to top of weathervane, and “Faneuil Hall Markets” is written out in film.