[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 9, Accession 2526

Can notes: “Wells Beach ’47, ’48, + ’49;Jim Richardson Family;BWH + Billy work on new lawn;Garage Under Construction;Marion Mowes [sic] the Lawn;Betty Park Lifts the Draw Bridge;Off Shore on Lawry’s Boat;Betty Climbs the Mast;Visit from Thursalls;Zack Taylor + kids call on Bike;Billy and his first Real Boat;Marion Knits on Rocks;Jefferey + Marion on Breakwater;Estelle + Family, Ede + Sarah;Bob Thursalls + Bob Husseys;PWH Fights The Bees;Kids + Airplanes;Garage Foundation is Started;Kids fly Kites;Building Back Wall;Building Entire Cottage Over;Philomath Club Calls;Pete + Charlotte hoist the Flags;40th Reunion ’09 Class of Oak Grove Seminary” Man in uniform standing by car, family is gathered. Little girl waves at camera. Appears to be Wells Beach. Mr. Hussey shovels dirt with Peter. View of unfinished wooden structure (garage?) in distance. Mrs. Hussey (Marion) mows lawn in shorts (uses small push mower alongside unfinished wooden garage). Woman (Betty) cranking wooden bridge open for boat to pass under. Shots of Mrs. Hussey, Peter and others on sailboat. Shot of Mr. Hussey (Philip Sr.) climbing mast. Shot of Philip Jr./Billy and Peter on boat. Shot of woman holding mast. Shot of Peter holding woman on mast of boat. Family gathered outside of Wells Beach home. Shot of family riding by on bicycles, waving to camera. Billy rowing away from shore in small boat. Shot of young blond riding pony. Shot of blimp in sky. Marion knitting while sitting on rocks. Gull on rocks as water splashes up. View of a plane in the sky. Peter getting into a boat with another boy. Very small boy at sea wall, watching waves. Young Peter in a Penn state t-shirt. Marion with toddler boy, gathering rocks to throw into the water over the sea wall. Young women and children in lawn, playing. Men coming out of house followed by women, one by one the family comes out, followed by small dog. Family poses in the yard. Panning shot of Hussey family on lawn. Shot of Philip Sr. shooting what looks like pesticides or chemicals into the rock area around the foundation of the house. Peter Hussey holds toy plane in air, brings past camera, and is followed by three other boys doing the same. Shot of Hussey boy hammering wooden stake into ground. Philip Sr. in hat and tank top saws a large plank of wood. Men moving work and laying foundation for something. Wooden structure including scaffolding against home, either an addition or repair job. Another view of blimp in the sky. Three little girls play in a small pool on the lawn, sit in bathing caps and suits in small lawn chairs. Women in dresses sit on the sea wall, pose for camera. Some have corsages on. View of women talking next to car. Hussey boy raises flag on a windy day. Charlotte stands with him. Oak Grove Reunion Here sign followed by shots of men and women at a table, eating. Billy/Philip Jr. is wearing button down shirt and bow tie, serving people at table. Large group shot of Oak Grove Reunion. Various shots of the group, up close. Beautiful sky and shots of house in background. Shot of boy and woman in convertible, putting the automatic top up.