[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 9, Accession 2525

Reel notes: “[C…?] [D…?] [Parade] [sic] ’43;Kids Wells Beach ’43;Last One” Children in costumes (paper hats and crowns) pose for the camera. Children, some with numbers on, some without, race on skis. One boy lays down to pass through barrel on its side. Skiers jump snow pile. Panning shot of skiers by barn or shed. Boys stand in line, numbers on their jackets, and then take off to race. View of women and other children watching the race. Two men acting as officials, keeping time and wearing official ribbons. Boy tries several times to devise quick way through barrel, gets stuck often. Woman with two boys stares at damaged sea wall (under construction?) in Wells Beach. Toy train/model train moving around the floor;view of houses or village set up around tracks. Footage of waves crashing against sea wall in Wells Beach. Brief shot of sailboat. Men welding steel using machines. Views of Hussey Manufacturing workshop. Shot of workers outside, gathered for the camera (first in black and white, then in color). Man in center of group with glasses and suspenders (itches his nose while the camera is panning over group) is Augustine Hussey, Philip W. Hussey, Sr.’s father. Shot of men in uniform and women in nurses uniforms/Red Cross uniforms gathered on lawn. Small boy holds sign that reads: “Medical Group.” Shots of men and women walking through the yard. A man and two women pose with a 95 flag that has a star on it. Parade marches by camera. View of nurses gathered on lawn in background. Shot of fire engines joining the parade. Shot of boy with Medical Group sign and then the medical group gathered, ready to march in parade. Wall of thick, black smoke, burning brush or side of yard. Man in Army uniform picks up Hussey boys, let’s older boy drive jeep. Man with boys on Wells Beach pulling boat by string along sea wall before hopping in and rowing out. Four boys in boat. Four boys on rocks. Boys with army helmets and wooden rifles walk in formation down street along sea wall in Wells Beach. Someone dressed as Santa Claus rings a small bell, poses in front of the Christmas tree. Brief shot of women in a garden.