[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 9, Accession 2524

Shot of parade include marching band and various service units. Raising of flag, unveiling memorial stone soldiers’ monument. View of parked cars and monument, crowd of people gathered around. Shot of chorus singing. Two boys in uniforms (one army-style, one sailor). Shot of ski jump competition and crowd gathered. View of surrounding landscape and crowd from top of jump. Shot of young man walking down street. Two men in boat. Young man walks out of camp, view of shoreline and water/lake. Costumed and masked group of children pose for the camera. Boy pushes wooden crate around snowy yard. Footage of grandparents playing checkers with a young boy. Boy sits across from grandfather, gets pointers from grandmother. Snowy mountain. Man on skis. Woman, limping with ankle injury, gets help out of car. Shot of ski jumps, some falls, with camera set up at bottom of jump so can see full start to finish. Skiers shot from middle of jump at moment they take to the air. Family waves from where they sit with parked car. Construction of observation tower at Bald Hill. Truck and rope pulley system used to raise wooden frame including shots of men pulling rope. Boys dressed in suits and hats outside of house, smiling for camera. Close-up of boy in suit and knickers. Men working at construction site. Four boys in yard play with wagon that reads Bradley 4-In-1 Truck;three ride across yard with one pushing and all smile at camera. Men playing horseshoes next to railroad track. Group picnicking together – many adults and children barbecuing. Dark outdoor footage of young woman with man. Woman (Ede) dressed in cap and gown with diploma. Hussey boys play croquet with their grandfather. Long table set up on beach with food and people eating. Various shots of people who are eating and then notice camera. Boy (Billy) riding his bike on street along the beach with a dog in the bike basket. Young woman (Ede) on bike, riding the same street. Another woman (Olive) on a bike, then back to shots of Ede. Little boy rides bike shirtless. Brief shot of the two Hussey boys with men in a boat. Family in a yard. Group of children gathered to pose for camera dressed up for Halloween. Hobo down in front. Young boy plays checkers with his grandmother as grandfather watches. Couples downhill and cross country ski. Looks to be in someone’s back yard – not at a professional ski resort. Footage of church wedding (Marion and PWH) including bride coming down the aisle and shots of the ceremony being performed (filmed from a balcony above). Brief shot of skiing and sledding. Dark footage of interior wedding party receiving line;people greet and shake hands with the family and bride and groom. Shot of cake being cut. Close-up of bride (Marion) with the camera light on. Bride poses with flower groom and bouquet in a living room area. Shots with the family posing for the camera. Shot of children with homemade paper crowns and heart decorations. Shot of bridesmaids and wedding party – camera pans over faces in group. Bride, groom and wedding cake (Olive and Dick). Reel notes: “Dedication of Soldiers’ Monument 1941;Ski Jumping Gilford 1941;Building Observation Tower Bald Hill;[Ede’s] B.U. Commencement;Dad Plays Croquet With Boys;Clam Bake Wells 1942;Billy + [Winy?] [sic] On Bike Also Ede + Olive;Skiing At [Fur Heartles?] [sic];Wedding Marion + PWH;Reception Olive + Dick”