[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 9, Accession 2523

Agfa 1939 card. Shot of skier falling down around downhill course gates. Downhill skiing. People gathered to watch skiers. Children cross-country skiing with numbers pinned to their jackets. Dark footage of amateur/clumsy downhill skiing. Shots of spectators. Boy gathers gates and repositions them. Various shots of downhill skiers and spectators. One man comes down with a toddler hanging onto his back. Women skiers. Various shots of downhill skiers including some who fall. Dust in bottom of frame (32:42). Shot of lunch shack and bottom of ski hill. Slow motion skiing and fall. A lot of debris in frame. Men and women on a porch waving at camera. Skiers crossing a bridge as part of a race or course. Two women pushing a large snowball. Downhill skiing through gates. Ski jump shot from bottom of hill where skiers stop. Dark, slow motion shot of ski jumpers taking flight. Two jumpers at once. Various shots of ski jumpers and the chair lift. Dark footage of cross country skiers. Little boy in uniform walking across snowy ground toward camera. Boys on ski tow on small hill. Shot of ski tow mechanism. Various people being pulled up small hill. Little girl falls down, loses skis. Little boy takes baby steps down hill. Girl runs through snowy yard toward tow. Boy skis down hill. Child tries to ski down hill without poles and falls twice. Little boy and skis. Cross country race;shots of various skiers, last shot in slow motion. Donor notes: “Bauneg Beg Ski Carnival ’39;Amateur Ski Meet Gilford;Back Bay Ski Club’s Slope;Intercol. Cross Country Ski Race at Gilford.”