[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 8, Accession 2526

Can notes: “Trips + Travels;Marion knits at Kidney Pond;Dam on Souadabscook Stream;Falls + Bridge on West Branch;Mt. Katahdin from Foot Bridge;Stuck in Stream – Dam the Beavers.;A. Whitehorse + Guide Lisle at Holeb Falls Camp on Moose River;A. Whitehorse + Guide Russ? [sic] Rapids;Attean Lake Camp;P.W.H. at Attean Lake Camp;Marion and PWH Cross James River on Ferry to Visit C.W.Davis Family;Up Mt. Washington with Arthur and Eleanor Perkins;A. Whithouse and PWH go Deer Hunting at Attean Lake with Lang Holden for Guide;Marion + PWH at Kidney Pond + up Mt. Katahdin;Williamsburg, Va.” Marion (Mrs. Hussey) knits while sitting in a canoe on shore. View of water through wooden bridge area. Marion stands on top of wooden structure and waves to camera. Shot of water rushing down rocks. Marion looking through water. Various shots of Mrs. Hussey – on rocks, crossing wooden bridge toward water. Shots of landscape and water, including view of bridge Marion just crossed. Mr. Hussey standing at water’s edge, staring at rapids. Shot of tree stump. Shot of Philip Sr. standing with wooden walking sticks by car. Two men on porch of cabin. Two men moving quickly through water in canoe. Can see the canoe is full of supplies of some kind. View of men negotiating rapids in the water. Shot of cabins from water. Dark shot of man putting motor into boat, reaching from dock. View of cabins from water. Covered boat being loaded. Man with paddle in boat. Men in motorboat smile at camera. Man with pipe. Dark footage of men in boat. View of water and shore from boat. Man chops wood for fire. View of man walking on wooden dock, shot of water and mountains in background. OFFICE sign on building of what appears to be camping area or resort with cabins. Shot of boat on water, two men. Large ferry pulling up to shore (cars on ferry). Young boy moves hand plow with wheels. Shot of steam train on Mt. Washington. Crowd of steam train passengers looking down from top of mountain. Man in flannel shirt poses in front of cabin. Men load large motorboat with supplies. Man tosses gun to other man who puts in into the boat. Man poses with car in front of building, motions to camera. Shot of mountain and trees. Marion poses with Dead End Road and Kidney Pond Camps sign. Marion looking at mountain through trees. Marion standing on porch of Camp Roy. View of camp buildings. Man walks through brush, view of covered picnic area behind him. Mrs. Hussey salutes camera, has pack on her back. Another shot of Mrs. Hussey pointing to large rocks around her. View of Mr. Hussey looking out from summit at other mountains. Marion sitting on rocks next to water running in stream. Hussey Sr. playfully walks on rocks at water. Nature shots of rabbit then pheasant. Birds in the water (ducks), shaky camera. Marion poses and waves on top of mountain. View of Mr. Hussey with walking stick at top of mountain. Marion writes in a pad of paper at summit. Views of plaques at top of mountain. Panning shot of surrounding mountains. Hussey set up the camera and walks up to pose with Mrs. Hussey, give her a kiss, and then run back to camera. Marion blows kiss from top of mountain. Various shots of mountain terrain. Marion takes a drink while holding walking stick. Shot of Mr. Hussey taking drink with walking stick. Mrs. Hussey poses in rock crevice. Shot of dog team pulling wheeled wagon on a dirt road. Marion in flannel shirt on bridge. Poses with pack, flannel tied around her waist. Shot of Mr. Hussey on same bridge, pointing. Panning shot of landscape – water and mountains with tree line along the shore. Shot of Mrs. Hussey paddling in front of boat, shot from behind her in boat with view to water. Marion fishing in front end of boat. Shot of small road with trees. Large, brick building with flag flying on top.