[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 8, Accession 2525

Can notes: “Back Yard Gange [sic] – Reel #4” Reel notes: “Back Yard Gang – Reel No. 4 ’39 + ’40 + ’41;Debbie + Diana;Ede + Red Hat;Back Bay ’41 Ski Carnival” Young boys and girls blowing noisemakers at a picnic table outside. A Birthday party of some sort. Grandpa Hussey (Augustine?) blows a few times. Various shots from various angles of children blowing noisemakers at the camera. Boys poking at something in a pond in the yard. Hussey boys play in the yard. Boys playing with wheelbarrows and other sledding wagons on snowy grounds and ice. Graduation ceremony;young women dressed in white line a walkway;young men in caps and gowns walk through lines of women. All file into brick building. Girl pulls children in wagons – three wagons tied together. Little girl runs around house, leads woman out from inside, both walk toward camera. Girl holds kitten or a puppy. Footage is dark. Boys pose with dog outside on rocks. One boy uses binoculars. Boys pose in yard with dog. Boys ski down ramp made using wooden slats against small structure. Boys in kitchen filling fire truck and pumping water out of it. Shot of small motor or machine that resembles the engine of a locomotive. Small toy house on fire;boys use fire truck from previous scene to pump water on it and put the fire out. Hussey boys pose on lawn with American flags, wearing matching suits. Woman comes out back door with kitten. Little girl picks kitten up, brings her toward the camera. Children pass the kitten around, man poses with girl and kitten. Woman holds kitten while children jump with joy. Young woman in red hat (Ede) gets into car parked in driveway. Man and Ede sit on bumper of car and pose for camera. Boy dressed in tie and suit poses for camera. Boy walks up driveway toward camera. Group of boys race through snow on skis. Various shots of boys trying to ski through gates and downhill. View of others watching. Shots of boys cross country skiing and then going over ski jumps made of packed snow. Little girl slides down hill with her butt on the skis. Rope tow. Panning shot of group of kids, some cross their skis or poles for the camera. Shot of boy using rope tow to get back up hill.