[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 8, Accession 2524

Shot of boy fishing off of dock. Two motor boats on the water. One boy in each boat. View of mountains in the distance, islands out in the water. Two boys in one boat, man in another boat, driving around what appears to be a lake. Close-up of man in boat, he is smoking, waves to the camera. Two boys bring boat up to dock. Boys in boat starting the motor, driving away. Shot of dog, maybe a collie. Boy starts motor. Man gives boy in boat instructions, then climbs in (has pipe in mouth). Boy pulls boat up to dock. Close-up of fish in water. Men fishing and smoking on the dock. Girl in dress on dock. Dark footage. Man carries dog. Woman dressed in hat and dress with gloves talks to man on dock. Boy paddles boat in to shore. Shot of car driving away. Young woman holds up string of fish and smiles for camera. Man holds them up and smiles for camera. Woman rides horse out of barn followed by excited dog. Woman has horse rear up for camera, rides horse quickly into barn past camera. Man holds fish in front of house. Shot of yellow and black butterflies on the ground. Dark footage of water and shoreline (trees, houses). Large crowd gathered on and around dock with docked boat – boat reads Walrus and Kennebunkport. Shot of another boat on water. Shot of many people standing on Bluefin II also marked Perkins Cove ME. Everyone gathered for some sort of ceremony or dedication. Shot of family. Two boys and little girl wave at camera from a small convertible. Two couples sitting on steps. Shot of sparklers or something similar. Children and adults swimming. Little girl in suit waves at camera. Shot of docked boat. Man with binoculars. Little boy and little girl gather something near rock. Woman with binoculars. Family climbs steel tower, poses for camera. Boys climb stairs, two boys and little girl walk down stairs, wave at camera. Woman and little girl laugh and talk to camera from porch – hide from camera. Car pulls up with man in hat smiling from inside. Two boys and girl smile on porch steps. Picnic on some rocks. Shot of bottle of Clicquot Club Pale Dry. Boy and girl pose in front of cement sea wall;joined by another boy. One boy uses his own camera, films toward camera. Woman and girl smile at camera. Women sitting on the beach, setting up picnic. Boys and girl play in rocks and sand. Play in the water pools with toy boats. Woman boy and girl point out to sea. Woman in white dress comes out of yellow house, gets into car. Man, woman and boy in yard. Boy holds dog for camera. Birthday party – bright indoor shot using light of birthday cake with candles lit and children sitting around the table – some of them squint at the camera light. Shot of birthday guests(?) girls and boys dressed nicely sitting reading books on a couch. Shot of plastic toy boats in water. Man holding baby girl up in suits – playing on beach. Family waving to camera on beach. Shot of Cranmore Mountain ski mobile with no snow – shot from ski mobile showing view riding up and view of trees. Boys smile for camera at top of mountain. Dark footage of trip down the mountain on the ski mobile. Shot of man at wheel of boat. Men riding in boat, seagulls dipping down and pulling fish out of water. Shot of boy carrying tripod down side of street. One boy directs another, pretending to take a survey. Little boy takes pick ax and pretends to be working, shovels dirt out of hole onto road. Shot of man using pick ax and shovel to dig up area near road, put dirt into wheelbarrow. Woman shovels dirt into wheelbarrow. Shot of train. Shot of new rock wall (must be the product of earlier construction footage) in front of house, view of street. Young woman pulls girl up over sea wall. Family dressed in suits and dresses for wedding. Color footage of bridal party coming out of car and up church steps. Various shots of people entering the church. Some footage dark. Shot of bride entering church. Reel notes: Wells Beach 1941;Deborah + The Boys At Beach;Phyl. Park – Jim Rich, Wedding;Stonewall Cottage;Fishing Trip To Cold Stream ’41;Dedication Perkins Cove”