[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 8, Accession 2523

Intertitle: “Winter Sports ’37-‘38” Donor notes: “Winter Sports – ‘37+’38.” Title card curtain falls. Intertitle: “Dartmouth ’37 Winter Carnival.” Donor notes: “Dartmouth Carnival – ’37.” Shots of men gathered at a finish line at the bottom of a ski slope. Downhill skiing with view of crowds gathered around course. Shots of skiers leaving the start. Intertitle: “Durrance – The Winner.” shot of Durrance starting. Shots of the ski tow and machinery. Donor notes: “Dartmouth Ski Tow.” and “Dartmouth Ski Jumping.” with brief shot of ski jumpers. Intertitle: “Gilford Ski Jump three days before the Big Meet” followed by shots of the jump – very little snow covering it. Donor notes: “Ski Jumping – Gilford.” View of an iced-over pond area and buildings near parked cars. Intertitle: “Eastern Amateur Cross Country Race ’37.” View of crowds gathered, view of cross-country skiers. Donor notes: “Cross Country Race – Gilford – ’37.” Intertitle: “Riding the Belknap Slalom.” Shots of downhill skiers. Donor note: “Rudy Fredericks on Gilford Slalom.” Intertitle: We visit Bauneg Beg Ski Club’s Activities.”;Intertitle: “Jim Mac. [sic] puts on the chains for Fox Farm Hill ahead.” followed by Mr. Mac. putting chains on his car’s tires. Donor notes: “Bauneg Beg Ski Carnival.” Shot of a long line of vehicles on a snowy road. Intertitle: “Clarkie handles the traffic.” Shot of man in uniform nodding at camera. View of parked cars and people walking amongst them. Shot of “Quint’s LUNCH” stand – Pies are 10 cents. People gathered around. Intertitle: “A good scout – minus his skis.” followed by a shot of a man smiling at the camera. Shot of skiers coming downhill toward the camera. Various individuals going up the ski tow. Donor notes: “ Ski Tow – Baunneg [sic] Beg.” shot of large line of people waiting to get to the top of the slope. Intertitle: Charlie Diggery – He forgot his ski also.” Man approaches camera. View of skiers coming down hill. Three people on a sled. Intertitle: “Edith Taylor, Betty Park and Charlie Plummer – waxed up and ready to go at Belknap.” Shot of Edith, Betty and Charlie outside of a car, putting on gloves, looking at camera. Intertitle: “Ede [sic] is first up on Ski Tow.” Shot of Ede holding onto rope, being pulled. Intertitle: “And Betty is first down.” Shot of Betty holding on to the tow rope, then falling and letting go. Intertitle: “While Charlie has to fall in line.” Shot of Charlie falling over Betty. Intertitle: “Now you may make it, Betty.” Shot of Betty back on the tow line. Intertitle: “Well, you did, at that!” with a shot of Betty’s arrival. Intertitle: “So did Charlie.” Shot of Charlie’s arrival (Charlie has a cigarette in his mouth). Intertitle: “And, sure enough, here’s Ede.” Shot of Ede letting go of the ski tow rope. Intertitle: “On Belknap’s open slopes.” Shots of people taking small jumps and skiing. Intertitle: “Betty Park – on Belknap Ski Jumping Hill (Hold Everything, Betty)” shot of people on side of snow-covered hill. Intertitle: “Betty stemming on all fours –or is it Free Wheeling?” followed by shot of Betty moving backward down the hill on all fours. Intertitle: “The only Dog that ever signed a check.” followed by shot of dog who turns its head sideways – dog is standing in front of screen with films playing on it. Intertitle “Bob houses – Lake Winnipeasaukee [sic].” Dog walks on ice, ice houses set up on the lake. Intertitle: “Ice Fishing – Bauneg Beg. ‘38” Young man holds line, men walk on ice. Intertitle: “What for the fry pan, John? [sic]” shot of men on ice. Intertitle: “Two for a cent, Jack?” Boy pulls up very small fish. Man pulls fish out of ice hole. Another fish gets pulled. Intertitle: “On way to [sic] Berlin Ski Jump John Sheein, Don Eaton and the Cameraman join No. Conway Fire Dept.” Shot of men outside of small building on fire, smoke billows out as men move hose near. Snow on the ground. Shot of North Conway fire truck. Film changes to color, can see the orange flames and the bright color of the fire truck. Intertitle: “Mt. Washington – through the windshield.” Shot of Mt. Washington and snowy landscape. Intertitle: “U.S. Eastern Cross Country Race – Feb. ‘38” shot of skiers and audience. Shot of large snow sculpture of some kind. Donor notes: “Winter Sports – ’37 + ’38;Darmouth Carnival – ’37;Dartmouth Ski Tow;Dartmouth Ski Jumping;Ski Jumping – Gilford;Cross Country Race – Gilford;Rudy Frederics on Gilford Slalom;Bauneg Beg Ski Carnival ’38;Ski Two – Bauneg Beg;Ede, Betty + Charlie at Gilford;Marge at Gilford;Betty Park on Gilford Ski Jump;Bob Houses – Lake Winnipeasaukee [sic];Ice Fishing – Buaneg Beg;Fire – No. Conway;Cross Country Race – Gilford ’38.”