[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 7, Accession 2525

Reel notes: “Wells Beach ’39 + ‘40” Two men in a row boat, filmed from shore, the water is choppy. Switch to a motor boat, bring motor back in rowboat and pull it onto dock. Children take very small boat into water. Woman walks on beach. Family gathered around picnic table. Four men come to shore and pull rowboat onto dock. Women run in suits out to the beach. Boy throws rocks, plays with dog and small boat. Joined by other children in the water. Shot of seagull looking for food on beach. Two women wade through water. Boats coming in and being brought up onto the dock. Family gathered for meal on beach near sea wall. People wade through water. Woman gets piggy back ride from boat through water. Water against sea wall with view of people gathered alongside it, all the way down the street. Can see parked cars and homes along the street. View of sea wall and people from above. Waves crashing up and spraying the people gathered at the wall. Toddler smiles at camera. Young man and woman wave at camera. Woman in swimsuit with toddler girl in suit with bonnet sitting on sea wall. Women on the rocks. Snowy beach. Woman moves log. Crowd gathered on dock at boathouse. Boat, the Bluefin II of Perkins Cove ME being put into the water. View of men aboard, shot of life saver reads Bluefin II. Footage of family eating meal on the beach. Children run around, tables are set up one alongside each other. Man rings dinner bell. Another man uses a pitchfork to get a sack of clams from a large barrel. Young woman seen holding movie camera, shooting a movie of her own. Various shots of individuals eating and drinking. A man leans down to talk to a baby. Woman eats lobster. Another woman smoking. Shots of the family around the table. Men move the barrel the clams came out of. Children playing. Family on boat, fishing. View of young man with what appears to be a harpoon at front of boat. Woman carries black dog around, holds it up for camera. Boy plays with toy boat in water. Woman carries coffee across beach. Children dig and play in sand. Various shots of children digging and adults sitting/gathered around beach. A baby in a basket and then held by woman, shows baby to camera. Children gather in a sand hole and wave to camera.