[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 7, Accession 2523

Shot of ski slope with huge crowds. Ski jumping contest shot from various angles. Donor notes: “U.S.E.A.S.A. Meet – Gilford ’37.” U.S.E.A.S.A. is the United States Eastern Amateur Ski Association. Intertitle: National Ski Jumping Championships, Brattleboro, Vt. ‘38” followed by shots of ski jumping. Donor’s notes: “National Meet – Brattleboro ’38.” Shot depicting man falling during landing. Shots of the crowds gathered on either side of the main path. Shots of the skiers descending and then taking flight. Intertitle: “It looks simple, doesn’t it?” followed by jumpers at the point when they hit the air. Shot of score board. Various shots of landings. Intertitle: “And here comes the band.” followed by shots of the band marching through snowy field. More ski jump landings. Intertitle: “U.S. Eastern Amateur Ski Jumping Championships Gilford, N.H. – ’38. The entire development Engineered by the WINTER SPORTS ENGINEERS” followed by shots of jumping and crowd – hard to see through falling snow. Donor notes: “U.S.E.A.S.A. Meet – Gilford ’38.” Intertitle: “Mr. John Morrison, Chairman Belknap County Commissioners” and a shot of Mr. Morrison walking by the camera. Clearer shots of jumping area and crowds in the snow. Shots of jumpers in action. Crowd and parking area from higher elevation. Shot of jumper mid-air amidst falling snow. Little boy sliding down hill on his bottom. Intertitle: “Olympic Tryouts – Ski Jumping, Berlin, N.H. – ’38 Ski Jump trestle designed, built and erected under the supervision of the WINTER SPORTS ENGINEERS” Donor note: “Berlin Olympic Tryouts ’38.” Shot of trestle and parking area. Shot of view from higher elevation and surrounding area. Close-up of trestle with a few people on top. Man sweeping/shoveling/clearing the trestle. Intertitle: “This Trestle built by The Hussey Mfg. Col., No. Berwick, Maine” shots of trestle and ski jumping. Donor notes: Ski Jump Trestle – Berlin.” Intertitle: “’Spike’ Olsen goes over first to see if it will work”;Intertitle: “He flies through the air with the greatest of ease.” with shots of Olsen and many others jumping followed by various shots of landings. Intertitle: “The WINTER SPORTS ENGINEERS survey for, design and supervise construction of all Winter Sports Facilities.” Intertitle card with a curtain falls over followed by Intertitle: “THE END Photoed [sic] by P.W.H.”