[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 6, Accession 2523

Man works on trailer hitch. Men gather around outside of a storefront with ads in windows, smoke cigars, work together to move a sailboat out of a storefront door, put the boat onto the wooden trailer. Man tips hat to camera. Men working on a small bridge. View of large wooden building structure. View of trees down along a street. Branches and electricity poles down. Cleanup after a hurricane. Turkeys in a coop. Turkeys in a fenced area. Animals that look like beavers or muskrats in a cage. Young women sitting on a log putting on ice skates. Ice skating. House with Christmas lights, snowy yard. Group of young women and crowd of people at the train station. The train pulls in, passengers board, and then everyone waves as the train pulls away, caboose reads: Pine Tree Limited. Shot of water rushing between rocks. Salmon Falls on the Saco River in Maine. Various views of the Saco River. House engulfed in flames. Dark shot of the arrival of the fire engine – views of crowd around the burning building. Shot of fire engine that reads North Berwick parked in front of house. Man with chickens. Men digging and working on the site of where a barn burned. Football game in a field – old uniforms. Women behind tables. Men posing in a group inside of a building. Men in blackface pretending to play instruments and do a routine in front of Christmas trees and decorations. A little boy plays a drum with the men in blackface. Santa passes out gifts. Shots of various individuals opening gifts. Brief wedding shot of a bride walking down church steps, pauses with groom outside of car. Shiny fire engine driving down the street. Donor’s notes: “Loading Charlie Hardy’s sailboat;Ernest Roberts builds bridge;Hurricane hits town;Don Staples’ turkeys skating on Fryes;House at Chrstmass [sic];Class of ’39 off to Washington;Salmon Falls on the Saco River;Meader’s barn burns;H.S – Wells football game;Christmas Party at Hussey Mfg. Co.;Charlie Plummer’s wedding;N.B’s new fire truck.”