[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 5, Accession 2524

Intertitle: “Back Yard Gang ’37 Reel No. 2” Curtain title card falls. Intertitle: “Estelle’s Little Playmate” Woman puts baby turtle down, it walks around on cement step. Intertitle: “Estelle and Boy Friend [sic]– B.M.” Estelle sets down baby turtle (can see two little boys watching through the window from inside). Estelle puts baby turtle on window ledge so boys can see it. Intertitle: “Mrs. Goodwin – B. M.” Estelle holds baby turtle in her hand and walks up to camera. Woman looks out with small boy from inside. Close-Up of small dog in yard. Intertitle: “Bus Brown 2nd. – on a Sat. Night.” Shot of smiling baby in bath. Intertitle: “The Flying Yankee, Jr.” Shot of small model train on grass/in yard. Intertitle: “Three Hussey Boys.” Three spotted piglets or small pigs in mud pen. Intertitle: “H. H. H. – ’37.” Man pours gravel on driveway. Close-up of smiling man in yard revealing gray hair when pulling off his hat. Small boy holds camera and shoots at camera. Woman with little girl and baby in carriage. Little boy in snowsuit and hat on sidewalk. Little boy puts hand on carriage. Pulls empty baby carriage on sidewalk. Dark footage of children. Two girls in yard on see-saw. Little girl and little boy on see-saw. Man and boy on see-saw. Little girl rides tricycle in front of small building with sign that says HUT. View of greenhouse and house, yard. Little girl runs through yard. Chickens. Little girls holding puppies in yard. Woman in fur-lined coat. Intertitle: “How Would You Like To Be Her — Brother?” Woman kisses man. Peacock walks on lawn. Intertitle: “None Other But Jimmy.” Little boy in Popeye sweatshirt and hat with big smile in a yard. Little girl in dress rides tricycle on lawn. Intertitle: “Alonzo, himself.” Man in suit in yard with children. Woman swings. Little boy close-up. Shot of little dog. Intertitle: “Slapping Good, Pete?” Little boy holds small American flag and an ice cream cone. Boy eats ice cream. Little boy in white outfit runs across yard. Intertitle with hand drawn cake: “Billy’s 6th Birthday.” Yard full of people – women and children playing. Swing set and see-saw. Pheasants in pen. Closeup of little girl making faces. Woman pushing child on a swing. Little boy and woman. Elderly woman. Man shoots reflection in metal knob. Little boy picks his nose. Sideways shot of woman pushing child on a swing. Little girl wipes her nose repeatedly. Upside down shot of boy doing handstand. Boy. Woman with baby in a bonnet. Two dogs walking down the driveway. Family picnicking with cake on large table in the yard. Two boys push third boy in a baby carriage. Woman walks through garden trestle. Boy plays with stick in small stone pond. Turtle walks around on top of picnic table. Little boy paints the HUT. Shot of teddy bear on railing of the HUT. Little girl loses headband on see-saw. Boy plays with swinging seat. Shot of man filming children in the yard. Mother and daughter on see-saw. Men shake hands on lawn. Kids sit together on double swinging seat. Sea gull in the air. Intertitle with Earth on it: “The End.” AGFA 1937 logo. Can notes: “1940 News Reel Phil Hussey”;Reel notes: “Back Yard Gang ’37 – Reel #2;Arthur + Elmer;Theo;Geo. Murray + Peg”