[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 4, Accession 2525

Can note: “Softball” Reel notes: “Events About Town ’41;Softball Games ‘41” Intertitle: “North Berwick Soft Ball League – 1941” Close-up of softball The Official Steam Welded softball. Intertitle: “Navy Yard Team 1941 League Champions” Shot of Navy Yard Team. Intertitle: “Business Men’s Team Winners of 2nd Place” Shot of Business Men’s Team. Intertitle: “Fireman’s Team 3rd Place Winners” shot of Firemen’s Team. Intertitle: “Manufacturer’s Team (They sure tried hard – but ended in last place).” Shot of Manufacturer’s Team. Shot of softball game. Intertitle: “The Postmaster makes a Special Delivery!” Slow motion shot of two balls and then the Postmaster hits, runs for first base. Shots of players and various plays. Shot of softball being pitched with camera behind pitcher. Footage of the rest of the game including the umpires and views of players running the bases, throwing, catching, and sliding. Intertitle: “Dill, The Manufacturer’s Mainspring” Shot of man and then coin toss. Intertitle: “Frank tells Gill who’s Boss – and how—-!” Umpire (Frank) yells at man sitting watching the game. Shot of man looking at argument, concerned. Various shots of men at bat, more game footage, and shots of people who are watching the game. View of batters running to first base, shot from behind first base. Old man watching from sidelines. Little boy walks through tall grass near train tracks. “Brick to Frit: *-!!!—(Censored) [sic] Frit to Brick: *!*?—(Even the censor quit!) [sic]” Shot of two men arguing. Color footage of softball game. Two little girls on lawn. Black and white softball. Intertitle: “Ben, tell us about that big one that didn’t get away!” Close up of man with pipe. Men on sidelines. Intertitle: “They float through the Air with the greatest of ease.” Slower speed view of man hitting fly ball and running. Another man hits a ground ball and runs to first base. Men hitting the ball. Intertitle: “Dill shows ‘em how ‘tis done.” Dill gets a hit on second pitch and takes off for first base, rounds second. Intertitle: “Dot, do get a needle and thread.” Close up of a man’s behind, his pants split down the middle seam. Boy with jug fills water glass. Shots of game and men watching the game. A train goes by on nearby tracks. Boy shovels/digs a hole. Woman in heels and dresses on sidelines. Line of women in dresses shot from behind as they watch the softball game. Intertitle: “USO gets a donation.” Shot of woman collecting money in a hat. Shots of softball game including dog running around field who comes up to the camera. Intertitle: “Ralph takes one “On The Nose.” Shot of men gathered around seated man. More game shots. Intertitle: “Doc congratulates Capt. Ed of the Winners.” Two men shake hands. Woman in driver seat of vehicle speaks to camera. More softball. Intertitle: “THE END”