[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 4, Accession 2523

Intertitle: “Events About Town ’37 (Reel No. 1)” followed by shot of men with their cars, men playfully fight. Shot of three children posing for the camera (two boys, one girl). Shot of men with truck, side of truck reads: Hussey MFG. CO. Structural Steel No. Berwick, ME. Intertitle: “Class of ’37 goes to Washington, D.C.” followed by shot of men on railroad tracks. Two boys stand on tracks, wave hats to the camera. Gathering of crowd (students and parents) at what appears to be the train station – signs for Radio City Music Hall and “Doctors Have Proved Bromoseltzer.” Various shots of men and women posing for camera or standing around waiting. Intertitle: “Hi, Julia” followed by shot of woman waving at the camera. Train pulls into station. Shot of boy in window next to a sign taped to a window that reads: Lewiston High School Party Car No. 1 (00:02:56 dvd). Shot of train leaving the station. Intertitle: “Phinias Willey Home – That Was.” Shots of the fire station, the fire trucks departing, the Willey house on fire (fire has engulfed entire building). Shots of men gathered on the lawn, the fire truck next to the blaze. Men use the hose on the porch and front of the house. Shot of crowd gathering to watch the house burn. Shot of Berwick fire truck. Shot of destroyed home, smoke still rising off the foundation/what is left. Group of tired men still staring at the rubble. Intertitle: “Bald Hill Quarry” followed by shots of men with giant bits of stone. Intertitle: “It weighs Fourteen Tons.” Giant fourteen ton stones being lifted and moved by large chained hooks on a crane. Large pieces are moved into a railcar at the quarry edge. Shot of a bunny hopping around the quarry. Intertitle: “Clean Up After The Fire.” Shots of men shoveling up the debris (from the Willey home) and filling backs of trucks. Intertitle: “This is Earl Carter.” followed by shot of man digging. Intertitle: “And This, John Sheein – Of Course.” followed by shot of man putting socks and boots on. Intertitle: “And this, – why this is ‘Hoot-Mon’ MacCorrison.” followed by shot of man pulling his hat over his eyes, then smiling while he walks past the camera. More shots of men digging and filling the truck. Closeup shot of pig in pen. Three children walk toward camera. Two girls leave a young boy to walk up. Little boy in front seat of truck. School yard scene of crowd gathered, some kids play ball. Man does high jump in the yard followed by other men trying to jump. Intertitle: “Memorial Day ’37.” followed by shots of a parade. View of toddler, dog. Intertitle: “Guess who It Is. [sic]” followed by shot of two men and a horse pulling a tiller – one man guides the horse in front, and one man guides the tiller in back. Shot of goose. Two little girls holding small American flags. More parade footage. Shot of turkeys with babies. Intertitle: “Bees – and more Bees.” followed by shot of bees covering a part of a tree. Shot of man lowering a car that had been lifted for repair (?). Group of men gathered outside of a building – all in suits, talking to one another, some smoke cigars. Veteran Fireman Association meeting attendees (as verified by donor notes). Sign on building says “William Hill Fire Station.” Donor notes: “Don Eaton’s children;Class of ’37 goes to Washington;Pin. Willey house fire;Bald Hill Quarry;Willey house fire cleanup;High jumping etc. at school yard;Memorial Day Parade ’37;Turkeys at Don Staples;Veteran Firemen Assoc. meeting.”