[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 2, Accession 2526

Can notes: “’Family Affairs’;Bill + Pete in Scout Uniforms;Marion + Peter Fly To New York;Edith Taylor Gets Married;Kids Halloween Party in Basement;Marion has a Birthday;Commandos – Bill + Pete;Pete and his ‘Tank’;P.W.H. + Gordon Hilton in War Clothes + Wioes [sic];Robert Hussey home + Family;Jeffery Allen in Grandma’s Back Yard;Marion, Bill, Pete + G.I. Joseph[sic];Peter + Xmas Toys;Marion, Bill + Pete as Scouts;Bill+ Pete at Cannon Mt. Tramway;P.W.H. + Boys at Corey Farm;George Murray Home – Brooklin, ME;Theo’s Wedding;Thanksgiving Dinner ’47.” Panning shot of boys in scout uniforms wearing packs. Boys in foreground, camp in back. Shot of man planting flowers. Family gathered dressed in nice clothes, standing in front of small brick house or building. Marion, Pete and Billy board Northeast Airlines plane. Shot of plane taking off. Shot of Edie and husband cutting wedding cake. Wedding party poses behind wedding cake. Shot of Halloween party table with cakes and pumpkins, children in costumes seated around the table. A skeleton hangs from the ceiling. Cake that reads: Happy Birthday Mother. Marion holds cake, smiles for camera, licks frosting with finger. Shot of boys in army hats with toy rifles hiding behind front steps for shelter. Peter in box fort (his “tank”) hiding with rifle on snowy yard. Men in uniform pose outside of house, laugh at camera. Men and woman talk on yard. Women talk to each other in the yard. Couple poses for camera. Woman poses with other man in uniform. Shot of stone home from street, slow pan. Family gathered in front of stone home. Shot of baby sheep eating grass. Shot of toddler holding bear, walking toward camera in green grass. Marion helps direct toddler as s/he walks through yard. Man and toddler look at things in yard, joined by mother. Camera follows toddler. Plaque that says ASYLUM and other illegible things. Couple gathers, man tips hat to camera. Boys and woman sit with dog on steps. Boy dressed as Santa comes out of cardboard chimney and walks away. Shot of toy train set up, fake snow being dropped. View of boy (Peter) playing with magnetic boat set in living room. Next shot he is playing with the boats with a crowd of children watching him, gathered around the set, then looking at camera. Boy in uniform with packs on bike. Billy and Peter pose with Marion, all in uniform, salute camera. Boys walk a railed walkway and wave to camera. Ski lift, footage shot from ski lift. Boys pose at top. Man holds goat up to the camera. Man gets chased by goat. Shot of horse in pen. Shot of calf and goats. Two women and a man pose outside of house. Woman walks away, then all laugh and begin to walk away from camera. Shot of large white farm house and car in garage. Dog runs around driveway while three women and a man talk. View of water and seascape from yard. dark footage of toddler outside. Wedding, shot of bride and groom and wedding party, one by one. Dark except for lit faces. Bride and groom cut cake. Wedding reception guests gather, are shy around camera. Shot of ladies standing together, men. Shot of couple running through rice being thrown, getting into car that is decorated with streamers reads Jim and Theo. Family with turkey at table, Thanksgiving 1947. Brief shot of Philip Hussey in suit with corsage, he smiles, puts his hand up, and the shot ends.