[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 16, Accession 2526

Donor notes: “Marion + Charlotte @ Attean May 1955;Myer Wedding June 1955;Launching Charlottes [sic] Boat 1956;Bill’s Backyard 1956;Pete’s Graduation 1957;Charlotte @ Camp 1957” Reel notes: “Ducks ‘56” Young woman laying/sleeping on boat moving through water. Picnic set up on rocks near water. Marion and another woman walking in rocks. Boat of young people pulling up to dock. Fawn in woods. Shot of row of cabins with wooded area behind them. Fawn in small fenced area looking at camera. Girls in suits and swimming caps dive off of a dock and swim. Looks like girls summer camp. Shot of a group of men and women eating at a long table set up on a porch. Various shots of people from the party. Shot of harbor with boats. Men on boat, including Peter. Marion scolding the cameraman for shooting her. Koi pond with flowering lily. Men gathered around truck and equipment with drinks and snacks. Dark shot of house and yard. Damage to trees, some down, some lining sidewalk and street. Charlotte with two other children in front yard. Fawns eating grass, stopping to look at camera. Little boy in tuxedo with corsage holding a pillow. Two girls in dresses. Flower girl and ring bearer pose, so does another little girl. Dog itching his back on the grass. Woman speaking to girls in dresses. Dressed up boy on crutches. Wedding reception in the back yard. Panning shot of set up including cake table and parked cars on the other side of yard. Guests eating and drinking, mingling. Groom and bride. Bridesmaids. Groom and bride cutting cake. Marion and Charlotte walking on beach. Philip Sr. waving at camera/shooing camera away as he cleans a motor of a boat. Charlotte in suit and swimming cap enters the water, swims. Marion watches from a rock on shore. Charlotte pushes boat into water, joins Philip Sr. in canoe and they paddle away, mountains in background. Cat walking toward camera. Marion and Charlotte walking on beach, looking for shells. Two girls dressed in Native American costumes. Marion and Charlotte pose in front of car. Grandma Hussey sits beside Grandpa Hussey, cuts a cake. Large ceremony with band in a city park. Memorial gets a wreath. Parade with Triangle Diner in background. Various military and scout troops pass by camera. Ducks in tall grass and then swimming through a small pond. Tables and chairs set up on a lawn where people are eating together. Man sits where decorated boat is on shore. Children wave from picnic table. Families gathered around. Children line up for launch of decorated boat. Charlotte and a friend are in the boat which comically gets stuck upon launch, then seen moving into water. Charlotte paddles boat to dock. View of boat and small dock with family gathered around. Adults around koi pond. Boys play with small model of home. Outdoor barbecue, everyone eating at a long table in the yard. Ducks in pond. Shot of Marion waving from deck of boat, camera below. Peter preparing a sail. A woman dives off of a board on a dock. Girls in suits and swimming caps dive and swim in the water. Footage of boat passengers. Charlotte ice skating on frozen pond surrounded by tall grass. Scottie dog. Band formed in street for some type of ceremony. Parade footage. Woman holding baby, baby waves to camera. Procession of graduates moves across campus with brick buildings. (Colby) Dark shot of Marion and others, waving to camera. Shot of Marion and Philip Sr. walking across lawn. Procession of graduates leaving large pillared brick building, walking toward camera through campus. Shot of Peter after he has received his diploma. View of grounds with families seated for the ceremony. Shot of Peter in his cap and gown, showing off his diploma. Women paddling canoes. Baby sitting in the grass. Marion and four other ladies sitting on a bench. Woman holds baby for camera.