[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 14, Accession 2526

Donor notes: “1952 Trip To Alaska PW + MAH’s Travels” Intertitle: Cartoon image of a family on an airplane Intertitle: “Now We Are Off-” Intertitle: “The Old Fellows Come Out At Calgary.” Shot of large, life-sized dinosaur in a field. Sign: Scenes Near Banff including Vancouver, Calgary, Lake Louise, etc. Shot of mountains and clouds. A teepee on the roadside. Moving shots of mountains and landscape from moving vehicle. Sign: Johnson’s Trading Post Canyon Bungalows. View of a house or building on top of a mountain. Dark footage. Sign for Kicking Horse Canyon. Dark shot of what could be the canyon. View of mountains and sky. Sign for Tea Room Spiral Tunnels Kicking Horse Canyon. Intertitle: “Railroad Turns Twice Inside The Mountains” Dark shot of train on track as it moves through the mountains/canyon. Intertitle: “Takahaw Falls in Yoho Valley.” Shot of waterfall rushing down into valley. Intertitle: “See The Elk?” Dark shot of elk in woods. Shot of Marion crossing footbridge. Water rushing through rocks and view of footbridge/surrounding landscape, up to view of mountain. Sign for Deer Lodge. Intertitle: “Beautiful Lake Louise.” Panning shot of lake, a man is on the bed of his old truck. Lake is surrounded by ice-capped mountains. Panning shot of mountains. Shot of Marion and another man next to lake. Intertitle: “The Great Divide.” View of a large wooden arch that reads The Great Divide, people taking photos and a car parked with a canoe strapped on top. Snowy mountaintops and clouds. Intertitle: “She’s Proud of Her Mt. Allen.” Dark shot at first, then directional wooden post. Shot of large pine tree. Intertitle: “Buffalo at Banff.” Shot of buffalo in a hay-colored field, mountain range and trees in background. Shot of what looks to be metal body of a train parked on tracks. Intertitle: “The Deer And Fawns.” Shot of deer and fawns on roadside. Intertitle: “Up The Chair-Lift Overlooking Banff.” Dark shot of chair lift, bright aerial shot of landscape below. Marion riding down in chair-lift, view of ride down. Intertitle: “Joe Bruin Looks For A Snack.” Black bear in dirt road, walks toward camera. Sits on road next to where camera is shooting from parked vehicle. Close up of bear. Intertitle: “Over The Rockies At 19,000 Ft.” Wide aerial shots of snow-capped Rocky Mountains. Mountains as far as camera can see. View of mountains and towns in harbor. Intertitle: “Ocean Falls And S.S. Prince George” Panning shot of S. S. Prince George with gulls flying around. View of factory with steam rising. Shot of sea plane docked and harbor town. People gathered on docks around crates. Intertitle: “Working Cargo of Paper.” Ship machinery hauling large barrels onto dock with Kingcome Navigation building in background. Intertitle: “Prince Rupert, B.C [sic]” Shot of harbor. Intertitle: “Salmon Fishing Cowichen Bay.” Shot of men fishing in boat on water. Shot of water and birds from moving boat. Shot of docked boats and harbor. Man holds large salmon up for camera. Intertitle: “Flying Around Mt. Hood.” Shot of Mt. Hood in distance. Dark shot of what could be a Christmas decoration. Intertitle: “Monkey Puzzle Tree.” Shot of tree in distance. Intertitle: “Along the Columbia River” Shot of river and mountains. Shot of sign for Wahkeena Falls Picnic Ground at the Benson Recreation Area Mt. Hood National Forest. Rushing water under a bridge, pan up to waterfall leading through rock formation. Shot of sign that says Multnomah Falls. Shot of tourists parked and falls. Dark shot of something lit up with red lights. Intertitle: “Bonneville Dam.” Shot of dam from moving vehicle. Intertitle: “Mum Photos [sic] The Fish Ladders.” Shot of Marion taking photographs of the mums. Shot of sign for the fish counting station at the Bonneville Dam. Intertitle: “Gardens-Victoria.” Shot of flowers and garden area. Dark footage of people posing with flower beds. More flowers in greenhouses and various trees in the gardens. Intertitle: “Great Salt Lake.” Aerial shot of the Great Salt Lake and then the rest of the land below. Intertitle: “Salt Lake City From Above.” Aerial shot of Salt Lake City. Intertitle: “Immigration Pass – ‘This is The Place'” Aerial shot of Immigration Pass and the rocky terrain. Intertitle: “The Red Desert At Continental Divide.” Aerial Shot of the Red Desert. Intertitle: “North Platt River.” Aerial shot of river and surrounding area. Intertitle: “Marion At Boys Town.” Shot of Marion filming a small statue in a green courtyard. Intertitle: “Over The Clouds And Down To Boston And — HOME ——-” Aerial view of clouds and wing of airplane. Intertitle: “That Is All, Folks. Glad You Could Be With Us……” Intertitle includes initials P.W.H.