[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 13, Accession 2526

Can notes: “1952 Bill’s Graduation at Colby;Marion + Fish at Attean Lake;Fishing;Ed Willey on Horseback;ETC, ETC!” Gulls on beach. Muddy, looks to be low tide. Shot of water and islands in distance. Man (Ed Willey) on horse, smiling. Ed rides horse down driveway. Shot of Charlotte (Hussey) and bunny in the yard. Bunny tries to run away. Close-up of bunny hopping through grass. Three children brush a collie’s tail. Man at end of dock. View of cabins and lawn chairs. Charlotte runs out of cabin door. Men in boat, shot from boat. Footage of boat speeding by on water. Men pulling boat ashore and unloading fishing equipment. Men with fishing poles heading toward rowboat tied to dock. Aerial shot of mountains, wing of plane and clouds. Charlotte dressed in uniform. Marion in shorts, walking around yard. Marion with little boy and Charlotte on rocky shore. Dog laying belly-up in the yard. Charlotte dressed in her mother’s (Marion’s) clothes, walks through yard. Grandpa Hussey hitches horse carriage or sulky for what looks like Philip Jr. (Bill/Billy). Bill, Peter, another young man and perhaps Philip Sr. in a canoe. Close-up of Peter lying in boat as it moves through water. Two little girls in swimsuits laugh and come to shore from the water. Women and children on beach. Dog lying belly-up on covered lawn furniture. Young men and a woman in a boat, fishing. Two women look to be tying chicken legs together in a bucket. Brief shot. Back to people on boat, fishing. Marion smiles at camera, Charlotte comes up to deck from belly of boat. Shot of sailboat in distance. Philip Sr. riding on top of mast. Shot of neighboring boat on water. Marion sunbathing. Shot of Bill drinking a coke. Marion, another woman and man outside of house by a car. Charlotte pretending to play robbers on a horse sits on a fence that has a blanket draped over it with a horse head in front. People gathered around steamer on beach, all gathered around set tables for eating. Men seated on a rocky beach, eating. Everyone is wearing lobster bibs. Shot of Marion shooting with 16mm or 8mm camera. Shot of Grandpa and Grandma Hussey, corsages on. They hold a sign that reads: We’ve Been Married 64 yrs! They look at each other lovingly while posing with the sign. Marion with baby and young boy and Charlotte on couch. Shot of inside of barn. Shot of Santa sled with reindeer in front yard. Charlotte unsuccessfully tries to jump rope in yard. Charlotte rides bike, little boy joins her. People dressed up, cars parked, pillared building. Baseball game. Bald head of spectator. Brick buildings including building with clock tower, looks to be college campus. (Colby) Procession of graduates walks through campus. Families gather on lawn and porch of building. Marion and young woman walk toward camera. Bill’s graduation. Poses with Marion, young woman, Philip Sr. Various shots of graduates posing. Marion moving through line, greeting teachers/professors and shaking hands. Small toddler crawls up hill. Another shot of procession of graduates in gowns coming out of building and down stairs, moving through campus. Graduation Ceremony scenes. Butterflies in the sand. Marion looking at butterflies in the sand. Marion holding fish in her hands, shows them to camera. Shot of boat being launched. Marion and young men and young ladies ride on deck of boat. View of large ship shot from boat on water. View of smaller boat bringing uniformed sailors to shore. Large ship in water is Navy ship, numbered 653. Close-up of ship with sailors and view of gun barrels on deck. Shot of men leading team of oxen through a field. Horses pulling wagon decorated with American flags. Man waves to camera. People dressed in pioneer garb, riding in wagons. White, powdered wigs and other costumes come through in a procession of horse-drawn wagons and horse-riders also dressed like pilgrims and Native Americans. Large crowd gathered around a stage of costumed people. View of cabin in woods, Marion and another woman in yard outside of cabin. Woman looks through cabin windows. Charlotte jumps into everyone’s arms/greets them. Shot of fawn in the yard. Charlotte feeds fawn. Shot of girls at what appears to be summer camp, diving off of dock. Little girls in swimsuits and caps swimming and diving, and getting into water-logged canoe. Shot of some kind of reception or gathering. Many people eating together at tables set up outside. Wind blows plates and napkins around. Panning shot of tables set up and large building in background. Dark footage. Man and woman walk into house. Bill and young woman open door to car, pose for camera. Man waves to camera from mast of ship. Men fish on boat. Motorboat speeds by. Man holds wiggling fish on line. Various shots of pulling fish up to boat. Shot of what appears to be Native American reenactments or dancing. Young men dressed in tribal outfits, a crowd gathered to watch. Women dressed in white wigs and gowns, children dancing.