[Philip W. Hussey–home movies] Reel 11, Accession 2526

Intertitle: “Caribbean Cruise Reel No. 2” Intertitle: “Gatun Lake, Panama.” Shot of water, taken from moving boat. Intertitle: “Emergency Gates at Canal Locks.” Shot of gates and man in uniform. View of shore and cars on highway. Intertitle: “Locks at Pacific End of Gatun Lake.” View of locks from moving boat or vehicle. Shot of boat coming into locks. View of locks at open water. View of boat from boat on water. Shot of palm trees and monument/statue in city courtyard. Philip Hussey tips his hat in front of monument. Shot of large homes and street. View down street and across street. Intertitle: “Pacific Ocean where Balboa first saw it.” Shot of ocean and sea wall, land across the water and open ocean. Intertitle: “Balboa’s Monument” Shot of large monument with Balboa on top. Intertitle: “Ruins of Old Spanish City of Panama Founded in 1519.” Shot of ruins of large, stone building. View of village and landscape from ruins, panning shot. Mountains in distance. Large house and yard. Intertitle: “El Rancho Restaurant and the Tollera Dancers.” Shot of musicians and dancers in an outdoor sitting area of a restaurant. View of people walking on street, archway over street. Children sitting in doorway, smiling for camera. Intertitle: “Through the Canal to Australia.” Shot of cruise ship pulling into locks to pass through the canal. Intertitle: “Our Boat awaits us for trip [sic] through the Famous Cuts.” Shot of cruise passengers walking through harbor area. View of ship in the water, shot from shore. Intertitle: “Culebra Cuts.” View from top of ship looking at water, digging equipment in water, and view of cuts through mountains. Intertitle: “Dredging goes on constantly” Shot of large floating machine digging in water. Shot of landscape as boat moves through water. Intertitle: “Kingston Harbor, Jamaica.” Shot of three men in rowboat, and others swimming next to ship from where camera is held. Street view, a few people on bikes. Intertitle: “Hauling in Sugar Cane.” Shot of large steers pulling large cart of sugar cane. View of large building and courtyard/streets. Intertitle: “A Native ! [sic]” Shot of baby pig or boar in the grass. Intertitle: “The Beautiful Hope Gardens.” View of gardens, palm trees and cars on road through gardens. Intertitle: “Orchids – Pink and White” Close-up shot of orchids. Shot of gardens, some people gathered on a path. Panning shots of flowering trees, bushes, and rows of flowers. Policeman in street directing traffic. Intertitle: “Marion dickers for Baskets and Belts.” Shot of Marion bartering with a Jamaican woman on the street. Panning shot of street, women set up with baskets for a block. Various shots of market. Pool with swimmers on deck of cruise ship. Panning shot of wall that reads Myrtle Bank Hotel. Intertitle: “Native Boys Dive for Coins.” Dark shot of water, can make out waves crashing. Rowboats on water. Swimmers and boats. Footage dark. View of island through porthole. Intertitle: “A New Hat! And see, the skin is Brown!” Shot of Marion standing in a doorway wearing a sun dress and hat. Visibly tan. Smiling. Intertitle: “The Photographer takes a day off.” Shot of Hussey standing on deck of ship, his tie blowing in the wind – blue sky above. Intertitle: “Mr. and Mrs. Kahn put on another layer.” Woman and man on deck chairs covered with clothes. View of water and sky moving behind ship. Brief shot of man hitting a golf ball into the ocean. Intertitle: “Havana, Cuba, Statue to its Famous Patriot, Antonio Maceo.” View of street and statue, large city building. Close-up of statue, people gathered around. Intertitle: “Cuban Capitol cost $20,000,000.” Shot of Capitol building steps and statue, shot of entire building which reads: Capitolo. Shot of wooden steps or stadium seating being built near capitol buildings. Intertitle: “Marion buys her Castanets.” Shot of Marion walking with man whose arms are full of castanets and other items for sale. She carries a Havana book tucked in her arm. Intertitle: “Morro Castle from across the Harbor.” Shot of castle and shoreline, panning shot of harbor area. Intertitle: “Betsy Ann, Al, and Eloise” Betsy Ann and Al pose at sea wall, then joined by Eloise, pose for camera. Intertitle: “Monument to the Sunken Battleship Maine” Shot of monument with people looking at base. Intertitle: “And One of the Survivors – So he Said.” Shot of man in uniform, saluting. Shot of street lined with palm trees, houses and buildings. Panning shot of city and landscape. Shot of Morro Castle. Intertitle: “Morro Castle and Old Spanish Guns.” Shot of cannons along sea wall and view of castle, looks like lighthouse. View of city across the harbor. Close-up of cannon or Spanish Gun. Shot of old stone walls, possibly castle walls. People in small, covered rowboat. Shot of Marion boarding an airplane, stairs read: Mercury to Los Angeles. Marion turns around to smile at camera. Shot of woman outside of small, white cottage. Marion standing by a car on a gravel road. Mr. Hussey with car, motioning with his coat that it is cold and covering his ears with his hands. Shot of road and mountains from moving car. Fog on mountains and landscape from car. Footage of road cutting through mountains. Gulls or pigeons on roof of building. Birds all over Marion and Philip, they feed them. Shot of market place. Dark shot of three women. Shot of water mill. View of rock canyon, possibly a quarry, with people walking through it. Marion sits on a wooden bench with two carved men, possibly miners – she is in a red dress and laughing. Plaque behind her head reads: Ghost Town… Shot of men dressed like pioneers or old west and Marion climbing into a covered wagon. Small building with sign – “Justice of the Peace Law West of the Pecos” Shot of children riding donkeys. Dark footage of grounds. Shot of landscape, water, and mountains from high elevation. Marion and two others eating at a picnic table. Various boats on the water. Shot of large oil drills pumping. Shot of man looking up at large scaffolding around the drills. Many drills in rows. Shot of mountaintops from airplane. Intertitle: “The End