[Oscar R. Houston—home movies] Reel 8

Footage of a riverbank shot from a boat on the river including buildings, several local people washing and swimming in the river, boats passing by and shots of temples. A man sits next to a statue of an animal. Shots of a temple. Footage of a market. A horse-drawn cart passes with passengers. A man prays at a temple. Footage of ornate buildings and ruins. A shot of a dilapidated building complex. A shot of people in the street. Two men use an ox to plow a field. A crowd of women and children. Footage of a low building with a reflecting pool. Shots of oxen pulling carts. Shots of an ornate building along the water. Scenes of a crowd. Footage of an elephant, its riders and handler. A shot of hillside towns in the distance. Footage of a temple. A woman plays with and then is helped up to ride an elephant. Footage of a local man. Two camels draw a cart. Footage of a garden. People filling and carrying jugs of water along the river. Footage of a temple. Scenes of street life. Donor notes: “Benares to Judapur”