[Oscar R. Houston—home movies] Reel 46

A shot of clouds and water taken from a plane. Intertitle: “A glimpse of the mountains and the sea on the South Coast of Kyushu” A few shots of a garden pond and the surrounding view, including a man in a robe walking away from a small fire. A shot of a porch. A few shots of well cultivated, stepped fields with houses nearby, including a shot of a farmer and a small woman. Intertitle: “Shopping, shopping, everywhere” Footage of a street lined with small shops and various goods on display. A few shots of the cliffs along a coast line. Footage of a shrine with its various sculptures and structures. Intertitle: “Tokyo’s five hundredth birthday” Footage of a parade with floats, cars and marching bands. Intertitle: “Another kind of Japanese entertainment” A shot of a Japanese woman undressing and posing.