[Oscar R. Houston—home movies] Reel 42

A shot of three men holding large, dead game birds. A shot of workers and pack mules carrying large, wooden poles. Footage of ruins, including a few bridges and shots along the river the bridges had previously spanned. Footage of a small village in Turkey, including a group shot of local men. Footage of ornate buildings and shrines in Thailand, including several sculptures and reliefs. Footage shot from a boat of life along a river, including boats, ferries, people selling goods out of their boats, shops along the river, people washing clothes, children swimming, people bathing and people and buildings along the shore. Footage of ornate buildings, shrines and other structures, including statues, intercut with a few shots of floats in a parade. A shot of a busy street. A few shots of people on a porch drinking. A shot of a guard. A shot of two women. Two shots of a man shaving the bark off a tree and presenting something in a tea cup. A shot of people in a garden with a pool. A shot of a street corner with a church. A shot of the garden of a small house. A view of the ocean. A few shots of boats in a river taken from a within a ferry. Donor Notes: “Turkey: Kurdistan/Thailand: Bangkok”