[Oscar R. Houston—home movies] Reel 40

Two shots of a wooden structure on a bridge. A shot of children writing on paper outside. Footage of a pond with stones set in it forming a pathway across and people crossing the pond on the stones. A shot of a covered bridge. A shot of a woman with a baby and three small girls. A shot of a street. A shot of two women and a little girl. A shot of well-dressed people posing for a group photo. Two shots of young girls drawing. Footage of a koi pond and the fish in it, including a few members of the Houston family looking into the pond. A shot of a waterfall. Footage of a garden and the view from the garden, including two children playing. A few shots of a Japanese sand garden. A shot of a statue of Buddha. A shot of a path through some trees. Footage of young boys and girls drawing. A shot of a waterfall. A few shots of a stone fort. Footage of a busy urban street. Footage of a parade, including marchers in robes, people on horseback, a decorated wagon and men leading a bull. Footage of a garden and pond, including people tending the garden. Footage of people walking on a sidewalk. Footage of a Japanese geisha show. Donor Notes: “”Japan: Kyoto”