[Oscar R. Houston—home movies] Reel 23

A few shots taken from a plane of craters on the tops of mountains, including a few with lakes in them. A few shots of women doing laundry in stone basins. A shot of a fountain, one of a church and one of a cross. A shot of laundry hanging out to dry. A few shots of flowers. A few shots of a local woman weaving. A shot of a mountain. A few shots of some ruins. Footage of an outdoor market. Footage of people working a large loom. A shot of flowers. A shot of two women giving something to a few local children. A shot of people burning things in a fire on the street. A few shots of local children lining up and marching. A shot of houses along a mountainside. Two shots of mountains in the distance. A few shots of workers digging ditches. A few shots of a small group of children in costume dancing down the street. A few shots of a house and garden. A few shots of a busy street.