[Nashua, NH Films] Reel 4

A shot of some wreckage. Footage of fireman spraying water on a burning building in winter interspersed with shots of an icicle covered fire engine with its ladder extended. Intertitle: “May” Extensive footage of the fire that struck Nashua, NH, in May of 1930 and the damage it caused including shots of a burning bridge and large clouds of smoke enveloping the town as houses burn, firemen attempting to fight the blaze, and townsfolk surveying the smoldering ruins. Extensive footage of the damage done to Nashua by a passing tornado. Scenes include a collapsed rail line over a river, damaged buildings with wreckage strewn about the town, two shots of a man pretending to drive two severely damaged cars, and townsfolk and workers inspecting and cleaning up the wreckage. Extensive footage of flooding in Nashua. Scenes include houses and buildings partially submerged, collapsed buildings, people rowing boats through the streets, townsfolk wading through the water to inspect the damage, shots of a raging river overflowing its banks, workmen clearing the damage from the industrial district, footage of two workmen using ropes and a boat to salvage something from the river as a crowd watches and shots of the damage done to homes and buildings inside and out after most of the water has receded. Footage of an accident at a rail yard with a large crowd gathered around the perimeter. Cranes assist in clearing the wreckage. Shots of overturned train cars. Workmen inspect and clean up the damage.