[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 4

Intertitle: “B.M.[Branch Mills] Grange Fair of 1938”;37:30-39.22 View of a horse pull at a county fair. The horses struggle to pull a large boulder. Several teams try, and their handlers variously try whipping and cajoling them. Many pull off the track.;Intertitle: “Hunting 1938”;39:22- 45:20 Sedan with a canoe on top comes down the road toward camera. Intertitle: “On our way up river.” The sedan passes by the camera, and rumble seat is full of gear. POV from the car along the road. View of man unloading sleeping bags and pack basket and walking toward camera. Another man does the same. Intertitle: “Looks like a good place.” Views of the men hammering in tent stakes, the tent set up, and the men doing camping chores. Views of the mountain behind them, a stream running over rocks, a small waterfall, and the rushing stream. More views of distant mountain. Some scratches throughout. Man with rifle in hand crosses a suspended log.;Intertitle: “See Any?”;45:20-48:41 Two men with guns consult after meeting up in the woods. CUs of the two men. Views of their tent and campsite. One eats out of a tin can, one eats bread and drinks from a tin cup. Both seem plagued by insects. More views of lake, stream, domestic preparations at the campsite. One man looks at buck they have killed and strung up.;Intertitle: “By the Light of the Fireplace on Christmas Evening in 1938.”;48:41-51:18 Older couple putting shiny garland on a tree. A middle-aged man sits in chair reading, then gets up to wind the clock. The fireplace burns down, and Santa Claus arrives with his bag, and puts presents under the tree, including a large baby rattle (will there be a new baby surprise?). Then Santa goes back up the chimney;Intertitle: “Around Town”;51:18-52:58 View of woman standing in coat and scarf in snow.;Intertitle: “And did it get around. W.A. Crane”;Brief view of old man exiting a store.;Intertitle: “Cowboy Act by Richard Shorey”;View of a young man and half-grown cow walking down road in village. The cow gets spooked, and bucks around, dragging the boy on the ground, then escaping down the street of the village. The cow is stubborn going uphill, then drags the boy downhill.;Intertitle: “A visitor of 1914”;52:58-53:17 Views of an open (Model T?) car with canvas roof, being cranked by an older man, then getting in, and driving off.