[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 18

11:16 -19:45 Family Christmas with Santa played by father, handing out gifts to young daughter. More shots of daughter (3-4 yrs. old) playing in deep snow and learning to ice skate. Group of families at wooded campsite enjoying a meal. A water hose fight among young women by lake. This may be 1947 Firemen’s Picnic. View of sign and structure of “Jefferson Cattle-Pound built 1829 by Silas Noyes for Twenty Eight Dollars”. Children’s birthday party with everyone eating ice cream, blowing noise-makers. There are seven candles on the cake.;19:46- 23:55 Bulldozers and construction equipment in field moving earth. Overexposed shots of house construction, concrete mixer, wood forms for concrete, pouring concrete and wood frame of new house.;23:56-24:10 color footage of framed cape style house with man sawing in open window.