[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 13

1:00:03-1:02:35 Sign for Benson Wild Animal Farm. Information about the farm, located in Hudson, New Hampshire can be found at http://www.bensonsanimalfarm.com/. Mostly underexposed views of tigers in cage with trainer, monkey swinging on swing, polar bear resting in cage, mountain sheep standing on rocks, the two girls of the family feeding deer, pelican in cage, brown bear catching handouts, mom eating cotton candy, and a small train carrying visitors around the park, including the family. A dutch windmill turns. Family stands at a fence looking at animals. A large statue of an elephant dwarfs a little girl.;1:02:35-1:05:12 Large earth construction project with earth movers, steam shovels, dump trucks, rollers. Long shots of landscape around the area, including mountains, fields, houses.;1:05:12 -1:08:17 Views of church, village houses, and sign on building which is also a general store: “Post Office Flagstaff ME”. Views of new construction, cemetery, deer hung by a house which a man admires and measures. Two men load a car with camp gear. At a gas station, man fills car with gas, and a man brings to cases of sodas to the trunk. Men get in the car.;1:08:17-1:08:43 Three men in hunting gear, starting camp fire in low grass.;1:08:43 -1:12:45 Cut to B&W footage of several men by smoky campfire, roasting hot dogs over campfire, eating. CUs of the men enjoying their food and coffee from metal cups. Snow covered tree and men walking through the snowy woods dragging several deer. Deer is tied to hood of car. Other deer are on top of another car. Deer hanging in overhang of large shed surrounded by snow.