[Milton Dowe—home movies] Reel 1

Intertitle: “Vacation Summer 1939. On the Machias River.” 0- 2:47 Road sign sponsored by Washington County Chamber of Commerce: “You are now entering Washington County, the greatest hunting and fishing section in the United States.” Two men unload a canoe from top of car and walk toward lake shore. Woman and man at edge of shore work with campfire and start cooking sausages while a pot of water boils. Bacon is cooked. Two men and woman enjoy sausages on buns, canned baked beans, and drinks of coffee.;2:50-3:10 POV from canoe as it floats down river or lake.;3:11- 4:27 Two women and man in stern of outboard motorboat, another man in bow on choppy lake. Forested mountain in background. See camps on riverside as boat passes by. One roof advertises “Troutdale Camps”.;4:28- 5:25 Two women and two men picnic by the water’s edge. CUs eating grilled meat, drinking from thermos.;5:28- 5:45 POVs from boat along river, then views of forest along shore.;Intertitle: Dixmont Mountain;5:45-6:45 Woman stands at top of hill was her dog runs down the hill toward the camera, then returns to her. Wide landscape views from top of mountain, then pan down to woman sitting with her dog on the mountaintop and views behind. Summer or fall.;Intertitle: Winter Thrills and Spills;6:45- 11:25 Man removes two pair of snow skis from rack on back of woody station wagon, straps on skis. Two women and man start skiing. It is snowing. People come down a gentle hill, then start climbing back up for the short run. Various shots of their runs and climbing back up the hill. This is not a ski area, but a local hill good enough for some good runs when there is good snow. Dirt and abrasion throughout.;11:25- 14:01 Snow plow works on local roads and in village after significant snowfall. At one point, a road marker for Route 3 can be seen. Most shots are of the plow coming toward, by, and past the camera. The plow is a V-shape Sargent, the truck a Cletrac. The driver gets out to wave at the camera in one scene. Dirt and abrasions throughout.